Best "Repro" GamePad's

Wondering if anyone has had experience with good feel/quality “Repro” GamePad’s for systems like NES/SNES/Genesis/N64/etc. that are USB based with decent drivers?

I could padhack the originals to usb, which would obviously be the best quality, but I don’t trust my lack of skill in the electronic-mod department to drop $20-30 per “try.”

Do you have a source for legit SNES pads?

It’s also not a huge challenge to hook together an FGWidget converter and a Cthulu - though it’s a little priceier.


Also stay away from anything that says “Retrolink”

This. Brian “bunnyboy” is a cool guy that is very active in the community. These things are legit. Please don’t buy bullshit controllers.

I also agree. I got some decent merchandise from retrozone

Retro Zone also does NES and SNES to Game Cube for Wii use.

If you don’t like converters, then:

  1. Send controller to Gummo
  2. Throw money at Gummo’s face
  3. ???
  4. Profit!



Or you want a converter that’s hard to find or doesn’t exist in the market.

We really need a skit of Gummo getting slapped with a wad of bills.



Gummo: No, I’m not selling my USB, Cthulhu powered SNES pad. Not even if you slapped me with a wad of bi…
/Gummo is slapped with a thick wad of bills.
Gummo: SOLD!

I have one of his SNES adapters, it’s flawless no doubt. My issue is a reliable source that won’t rake you over the coals price-wise for legit controllers, hence why I was looking for decent repro’s… but it sounds like decent repro’s don’t really exist from the general consensus. I ordered a legit SNES controller a while back and it was definitely legit, but it has a bit of a response issue with “up” on the d-pad… I mean, every legit SNES pad is going to be at least 10-12 years old by this point; NES pads even more so. How good can we expect them to be?

On that note, does anyone have a decent source for good condition legit pads?

Open the controllers and clean them. It only takes a few minutes. Goodwill and thrift stores generally have controllers for a couple of dollars.

Even for shell wise? Taking an original PCB(and buttons too maybe) out of a beat-up original shell, and putting them into a KO. Some of those are in pretty crappy shape after all this time and would benefit from a spiffy new case.

And perhaps some KO Pcbs might be nice for modding.

Weird question, what’s a good cleaning solution for the casing and a good cleaning material/method for the internals?

I use peroxide and cue tips. Look for a clean pad and you won’t have to do much. I’ve taken some really funky ones and cleaned them up to work like new.

Guess that means I have to actually not be lazy and drive to a few shops.

… I’ve been spoiled by the internet and shipping companies.

People charge too much for real pads online. I can get them locally for a buck or two.

Well if you find any decent ones, pick them up and you can charge me too much for them online. Be totally willing to pay $10-15 per pad plus shipping, and I’d rather get them from a trusted SRK member than eBay. Unfortunately I live in Seattle so people tend to gobble that stuff up here as soon as it’s turned in.

EDIT: Looking for SNES, NES, N64 and 6-button Genesis pads… all first party.

I’ll check today. My only problem is that when I’m looking for something I can’t find it. : ) Another good tip is to look for systems on eBay. I got a Genesis with two really nice first party 6 button pads for 15 shipped. That’s cheaper than the pads would have sold for individually.

You are a freakin’ genius… you just solved all of my first-world problems. I’d buy you a drink if you were local.