Best resolution to use when playing sf4

Just wondering, does it make a difference in input lag, when I use different resolutions when playing sf4?

If there is, what would be the most optimal resolution to play sf4 in, 1080p 1080i, or even 720p?

probably you’re talking about PC version
try different resolutions and anti aliasing, then benchmark it afterward.

oh sorry forgot to mention was talking about xbox, you can also change the resolution there, but was wondering if there was one optimal one or if they are all pretty much the same

If you wanted to match the conditions used in most tournaments, they typically use 720p, but that is on ps3.

IIRC, the game itself renders at 720p on the 360. Setting it to higher resolutions simply has the console blow up the image to 1080.

ah ok, thanks, but would blowing up cause input lag?

I don’t see why it would cause input lag, the worst you’ll get is maybe some ingame stuttering or dropped frames.

Just for the record, I play on PS3 and XBox 1080p and I’ve never noticed any problems with SF4 on either console.

The xbox is MUCH more efficient at adjusting the game image than a monitor/TV is. So your best bet is to check your display’s native resolution and go with that.

(that’s some reason why the lowest lag HDTV’s are kinda cheap 720p TV’s)

PS3 doesn’t upscale. It switches to 720p when you load SFIV.