Best retail PC/360 stick?


Hi all,

While this has probably been asked in the past I’m looking for the updated answer. I’m wondering what the best retail stick is these days. I’m willing to order off the internet, but I’m not interested in taking the stick apart and putting sanblah parts in it or whatever. Also, is there a stick that supports PC, 360 and PS3?

P.S: I live in Canada, I don’t have access to certain retailers.

Any advice is appreciated. Cheers.


blah blah blah te blah blah blah

seriously where the fuck have you been? te is currently the standard by which most sticks measure themselves


Find the online retailer that can ship you the MadCatz Tournament Edition Stick like this -

Jeez they just dropped it down $10 like a day ago hahaha. Nice.


You can price match it with this:

I know it’s for the 360, I didn’t think they would accept it but lo and behold, they did! I really don’t mind waiting for it to come back in stock at that price. Just thought I’d let people know!

These are all in CDN currency btw, and besides, doesn’t ship to Canada :frowning:


Try to get it price matched through though since it’s $124.99 USD with free shipping. NCIX is basically the Canadian Newegg. While Newegg is awesome it is not always the best in price :slight_smile: