Best RSF clip I ever saw! 18 hits!(1 single RSF)


highest number of hits in RSF i’ve seen so far was…17 hits
this guy’s done 18, awesome beast!:rock:

i practice this every time but
highest i could do was like 2~3, this combo is real hard.
even if somebody did this to me in a real match, i’d still respect the man cause i know just how hard it is to make it work.:lol:
guess it’s the hardest combo in ssf4.

This is more “realistic” since it has stun enabled.


i think the guy was intending to show how many hits he could do in a row without stun option enabled.
of course with stun enabled, he’d probably do about 30~40 hits(with some focus attacks) maybe?
this must be the unprecedented hits for rsf i guess.

Not trying to be a jerk or flame you. But this could have been posted in the thread dedicated to all things rsf.