Best rushdowns in the game?

Basically, who has the most constant threat of big damage?

I’d say ken, as he can combo into super off of nearly all of his stuff, gains meter fast, is a threat even without meter, he’s fast and most of his moves have high priority, and a geat tick throw game. There’s pretty much no question of that IMO, it’s just determining who are the runner-ups.

#1: Ken

The people on my mind after Ken are Dudely, Ibuki Ryu, Akuma, Makoto, twins, and Chun-Li

I don’t think Urien is really up there, his big damage is situational and without meter he doesn’t have that great pressure

Cun-Li has great normals but only one (great) combo worth using, as well as sick throw game, I’m not sure what to think about her

same for Yun. He can do some decent pressure without meter, with dive kicks and throws, and does temporary big pressure when his speed, priority, and damage go up during GJ, does that qualify him for top rushdow?

I think “Rushdown” and “Threat of big damage” are two different notions.
In expert hands, almost any character will “rushdown” like crazy!

ps: Are you a friend of Roshihikari? ( no offense to both of you :stuck_out_tongue: )


his shit isn’t as ridiculous as roshakiri’s was



Rushdown=mobilty arcoss distance after knockdown=dash type

Type 1 dash) Dash is fast but is grounded during forward movement.

Type 2 dash) “Recomended” Dash is fast but is off the ground during forward movement.

Damage will come with the ability to get back into mix up range.

Alex: Type 2
Urien: Type 2
Chun: Type 2
Ken: Type 1
Dudley: Type 2
Makoto: Type 1

poison has the best rushdown then the car


Too much useless theory, too little actual play. None of those dashes are OTG. No dash in 3S is OTG.

Alex? Urien? Chun? (lol) Ken? No.

High level tourney play has shown time and time again that the four I mentioned (Akuma, Yang, Dudley and Makoto) are by far the best rushdown characters. Watch any match where any of these character go to town on someone, and you’ll see the timer stop at around the high 80’s. Ken, while having a good offense, doesn’t kill fast enough to make him a top tier rushdown character.

Honorable mention: Ibuki, but she does too little damage to make her as good as the top4. You’ll sometimes see Aruka beast with her nonstop, only to realize he’s done like 50-60% damage.

PS. Rushdown stems from a character’s need to get in to do damage OR from the fact that his offense is a lot better than his defense, so it would be in his favor to get in. Just because a character like Alex needs to get in to do damage doesn’t mean he’s a great rushdown character. His rushdown isn’t even close to that of Makoto’s for example. Now, high level Japanese Akumas sometimes zone all day vs high level Japanese Hugo’s because it’s in their favor to stay out. This is an example of a rushdown character playing defense because in this case, it’s in his favor. That is all.

So if there’s a fast aggressive character that doesn’t rely on knockdowns, they’re bad at rushing? Rushdown and a good anti-wakeup game aren’t the same thing.

I would tie Akuma, Makoto, Ibuki, and Yang as the best. I think Dudley has too hard of a time getting in on characters who try to keep him out of his prime range to be considered as good at rushdown as the others. Ken might be eligible too but I don’t feel like putting him in another top tier.

Chun isn’t good at rushdown. She has barely any combos without meter. Maybe in other games good normals with high priority would be enough to rush with, but 3S players don’t like waiting there when they know she doesn’t have the threat of bar. More often than not, your momentum is going to get broken at some point.

I like what you posted Gaijin mainly because it agrees with what I said. But I don’t agree with you not agreeing that Dudley is a rushdown beast. Yes, he is very different from the others in the sense that he has a harder time getting in. But when he gets in on you, that’s when the beasting commences. Some of the fastest rounds are ones where Dudley gets in and lands 2-3 supers in a row. If that ain’t rushdown, I dunno what is. Also, keep in mind that most awesome Dudley players are amazing at parrying, because they NEEDED to learn that shit to survive. Hence, keeping them out isn’t as easy as 1-2-3, get off me!

Part of being a good rushdown character is being able to deal lots of damage with very little or no meter. Akuma, Ibuki, Yang etc. don’t rely on their supers like Chun or Ken, so they are threatening at any time during the match, so they can always be in your face.

Exactly. This was gonna be my “summary” but I had to go buy some food.

No, not over all but a character that has good rushdown will always have two classic options:

  1. Great mobility
  2. Great mix options

Specific to Street Fighter III
3)“Blocking” option or Parry in the USA

Chun has a stupid rushdown formula, but it dose not look like it at first untill you measure Chun’s mix up options and advantages in comparison with the game system.

Yang’s rush is good in the corner but mid screen if a knockdown occurs he has to teleport to get back into range which will cost him wake-up time and he has to recover from the teleport before he inputs any attack commands. Good players know this about Yang therefore they know it will always be a chance to recover and thus get a hit opportunity when then Yang player is not respectful of the time needed to recover from the teleport ie: random SAII from Alex but to the trained eye and aquired knowledge those who know sit and watch matches and say in there heads " Yang can’t attack yet, he should have just gaurded.

Best rushdown probably goes:
Genei-Jin - inescapable rushdown. Luck is all that can save you … or them being bad.
Akuma - Amazing ability to control the space between you while constantly poking and mixing you up. Good dmg off it all as well.
Makoto - Mixup is amazing thx to karakusa. Easily one of the hardest characters to block as she can put you into a 50/50 situation after pretty much anything.
Dudley - Amazing ability to lock a character down after a knockdown. Taunt makes most situations hard to escape, and any hit results in knockdown for the same situation to reoccur thx to SAIII.

Best rushdown would be the characters with the characters with the best ability to break block and/or keep a character pinned down because of their assault. Dmg isn’t a big part of being a “great” rushdown character. Tell Millia in GGAC that she’s bad at rushdown cuz she doesn’t deal good dmg, but than lose cuz you never get out of block stun.

Best threat of big dmg ? you make it seem like off any hit so that’s kinda an odd question.

Ken, Dudley, Akuma, Ryu, Genei-Jin, and a few other characters get solid dmg off just about anything they touch you with.

Chun, Makoto, and Urien have less moves but still have plenty of options to deal much better dmg off of just not everything leads into big dmg.

However, Genei-Jin wins this again as anything leads to solid dmg or if you hit confirm into it you can get 40%+ dmg.

Yun sucks … Genei-Jin is broke.

Watch a Chun mirror match and tell me that.

I don’t think Yun has good rushdown. Genei isn’t rushdown imo, it’s more like “I’ll just block low for a few seconds and wait to get command grabbed for 20% damage”.

I do think damage is a big part of being a rushdown character. If you keep attacking with your character, but you end up doing shitty damage, that’s not really rushdown. I know it sounds weird, but it’s just what I believe. Like, Remy rushing you down with lov’s and little UOH’s and little gay pokes doesn’t scare anybody. Makoto or Dudley or Yang landing consistent 25% (or 40% in Dud’s case) damage a pop combos or Akuma landing a nice little 50% Demon Flip combo does.

It really comes down to how you play your character tho…you can be all brave or reckless and do anything to get in, or you can play safe (with a rushdown character), or you can just be annoying and frustrate them into fucking up so you can land big damage. Or you can just turtle and frustrate them that way and make them pay. It really comes down to YOU. So yeah, take characters with a grain of salt.

Everyone can rush pretty nice with parries IMO. Parries pretty much allow anyone who understands their opponent to move in and get hits and start wake up mind games. There’s definitely characters who can keep an offensive momentum for good periods of time or are quick at closing gaps. I’ve seen some pretty offensive minded Chuns (Koushun and Nuki come to mind) that will start running you down from when the announcer says engage. Considering this is a character that is probably still better off just building meter and keeping the opponent out it’s fun to see top players who will push the offense and jump in with a character that normally doesn’t need to.

what mihai said but add yun

Dam, I knew I should not have said parry in my definition. But good players always pick up and pick out other good players and the truth of the situation.

DJ, what have you been man?:lovin:

Class level players like myself will know that Gouki, Ibuki and Yang are great rush characters, SLAMMING on the pressure. They have ‘rush down’ as one of their ‘Specialties’. That is why Capcom gave them weak stamina. I myself have rushed down opponents quite a few times, leaving their jaws dropped open, you can search for the videos on youtube. They call me the “Roshi ‘EX Mantis Slash’ hikari”