Best Ryu Combo Right Before Dizzy?

I was wondering what the best combo you could thing of before a dizzy with Ryu[in other words, Ryu is about to dizzy someone]?

I was thinking jumping in fierce, standing fierece, ex-sidestep kick, step back, then close standing jab and hurricane kick followup. With this combo, you can recover your lost bar by just doing any combo. The good thing is if you had shinkuu hadouken, you can do complete 100% kill with this combo with a follow up of jumping in with fierce, ducking forward, ex hurricane kick, shinkuu hadouken, ex. sidestek kick, ex shoryuken.

THROW !! that will do !

ryu’s stun attacks are , hurricane kick , side-kick , shoryuken , and throw …

if he able to knock them with this specials in his BnB 3 times or 2 times … opponent’s stunbar is possibly 95% …

I guess what I wanted to say is what combo will guarantee a kill if you are close to a stun. hehehe. Wrong words. Perhaps ChoiBoi can be in more detail than me.

does it really matter. its not like your opponent is just going to let you hit them with whatever combo you please leading into a stun. get the stuns by any means possible!

then when theyre dizzy do whatever you want to them :evil:

Actually, the reason I ask is because dizzy has interesting properties, like multiple resets after the first dizzy hit[so if you knock person in air with ex sidestep kick, you can do a jab then a hurricane kick combo].


i don’t think Ryu has enough meter for 1 super + 3 EX moves.

Actually, with Shinkuu, he does[its just after the hurricane kick, use 2-3 strong punches wiffed, then jump in for the combo[meter will build itself]

Yeah but if your playing shinkuu, your not playing Denjin, which means you can kinda count out relying on the stun factor.

well you can get a combo right before they dizzy that never works in any other circumstance as far as i know. you can connect rh donkey kicks off of fierce if theyre on the stun meter.


opponent near stun, you parry an attack, hit close fierce punch (stuns), rh donkey kick and it combos. then they get up dizzy do whatever the fuck you want.