Best SA for each character

Alex : 2 > 1 and 3

Akuma : 1 > 3 > 2

Chun Li : 2(duh!) > 1 > 3

Dudley : 3 > 1 > 2

Elena : 1 > 2 > 3 not sure about this one

Hugo : 1 > 3 > 2

Ibuki : 1 > 2 > 3

Ken : 3 > 1 and 2

Makoto : 1 and 2 > 3

Necro : 1 and 3 > 2

Oro : 2 and 3 > 1

Q : 1 > 2 > 3

Remy : 2 > 1 > 3

Ryu : 1 > 2 and 3

Sean : 1 > 2 > 3

12 : 1 > 2 > 3

Urien : 3 > 1 > 2

Yang : 2 and 3 > 1

Yun : 3 > 2 > 1

feel free to discuss
or list some SAs that are better for different match ups

elena is SA2 first i think, i use 2 more often then 1, i find one icky

ryus best SA’s for match ups should be discussed . i feel his best sa’s are 3>2>1 personally im still a newbie though and in the process of learning. the fireball super is OK but imo, why not just use akuma sa1 if youre going to use fireball super. the other two supers enhance ryu and give him free rounds besides just being solid. if i sound like a jackass let me know but also give an explaination cause i want to learn

sa2 vs makoto . im thinking this would be ryus best super in this match up. makotos guessing games would be truly dangerous for her if she guesses wrong gets parried, catches a random shinshoryuken. against aggressive characters/players overall im feelin sa2 alot.

sa 1 vs chun . not quite sure what sa to use here. sa2/3 dont seem effective to me vs chun unless she messes up. perfectly played they dont play much of a role for me yet. sa1 with the somewhat safe ex moves leave alittle more option.

sa3/2 vs ken. really doesnt matter to me here, although you can punished kens blocked sa3 severly with ryu sa2

sa2/3 vs dudley. dudley likes eating shi shoryuken, feed him a healthy diet :smiley:


Elena its 2>1>3 her sa2 is first without a doubt even though I put 3 last healing aint bad either i mean it can be used in matches.

As for sean id say 3>1 & 2.

It’s amusing how one character has both the best and worst supers in the game.

I agree on SA2 being the best - comboable, nice damage, and gives lots of EXes, from which Alex benefits a lot.

I’m not so sure about Hyperbomb beig bettere than SGH… Both sort of interdict the use of EXes… SA1 at least gives more of them if you need 'em badly… on the other side, SGH charges much faster, and has a better damage potential as a whole… sure, it’s not easy to set-up SGH against a good player, but this is also true for SAI - since it doesn’t have the “can’t jump away” properties of Hugo’s Gygas Breaker, although it’s certainly easier execution wise.

I’d like to add that while SAII dominates, imho SAI is still a GREAT super.
Oh, and I thought about Twelve, who gives Chun problems when well played…
since it’s hard anyway to land a cMK on 12, perhaps SAI wolud work better in this matchup (and at least it would be good to stop him from air-rushing in with those nasty air dashes).
Yes, I vote for Kikosho for Chun Li vs Twelve

I think Shoryureppa is a lot better than Shinryuken, and not too far from Shippu.
Almost all the combos you can do with Shippu you can do with SAI too, and with better damage. It also has a better priority and it’s not too bad as an anti-air (although most hit get wasted).
Shippu still wins because of the horizontal distance it gets (great), the super fast-charging bars and a little more EX potential.
Shippo rulez, but reppa is not to be underestimated imho.

I’ve seen Izu switching beetween 1 and 2 according to the match-up - so, for wich matchups is 1 better than 2 and vice-versa?

Generally, 1 is a LOT more solid and versatile, but 2 has more EXes and has HUGE damage potential, it’s almost a “win button” to land a karakusa with SAII charged on low stamina characters.

surprisingly, all Sean’s supers are good, I don’t really see one foreshadowing the others.

1 charges fast, is very versatile both in combos and as a punishing tool, and having 3 stored is always good - but doesn’t do real damage, and can be risky (1-hit parry)

2 has godlike priority (it beats out the shinshoryuken!), and adds a needed anti-air to Sean’s arsenal. Damage is good. Nice deal of EXes. It leaves you wiiiiide open if missed, though. And you have to be start the super close to the oppnent to fully connect it, so it has less combo versatility.

3 links to everything - think about it as a poor-man’s Shippu, deals the best damage out of the 3, has nice priority.
It limits the uses of EXes, leaves u wide open if not connected, and has the risk related to all the 1-shot supers (bare Genei-jin ^^;; )

I generally agree. But SAII is not too bad in some circumstances. Sometimes I use SAII against Akuma - it’s actually nice to stop close air Hurricanes or demon flips, and the stun is a plus - the soo simple midscreen cHP, EX Headbutt, HK Tackle xx SAII is worth abou 85% stun on him - not too shabby. Add that Akuma is the character who has the easiest time escaping Aegis (damn teleport), and SAII against him gets nice.

I think Elena’s SAI > SAII > SAIII

yes, her SAII can link off her low MP…but I don’t feel that it’s much of a factor since a) it doesn’t do that much damage anyway and b) the bar is long and c) you only get 2 bars.

The only advantage of the SAII is the link off the MP. But if you’re gonna play her as a link to super character…why not use ken instead?

With SAI, you get damage that isn’t much less than Brave Dance, with 3 bars. You can also link it off a universal overhead. The advantage with SAI is, obviously, the 3 bars, and consequently the better ex potential.

I would like to reiterate that her SAII really doesn’t do enough damage for the length of the bar.

Remy’s SA1 and SA2 i see as being equally valuable


good as an anti air

buffered from a low LOV it becomes practically unparriable (the low LOV gets buried under the super) good chip damage

good set up from the neutral throw, and after u have juggled them

your safe if it’s blocked (has the same recovery time of a normal LOV)


his weakest super

some characters can duck the first hits


does good damage better than SA1

easier to link into

characters can’t duck under it

better start up speed


your WIDE open if they block it (big con IMO seeing as Remy can’t afford to be open)

not so good for juggling, miss out on alot of hits

SCRUB! 1 > 2 and 3

for versatility of ex’s and supers

Re: Re: Best SA for each character

To be frank, I often pick spinning beat over brave dance for personal bullshit, but I have reasons to believe it’s not actually better, but equal.

Firstly, I think the damage per percentage of total bar used is about equal, though one spinning beat bar does fill up faster than that hella long brave dance bar. The problem is that assuming you’re not facing a character who isn’t vulnerable to it, the ex combo finished with a forward uppercut can deal more damage than the super alone in spinning beat terms, while brave dance is actually worth doing because it does more, albeit slightly more, damage.

Second, assuming’s data is correct, they have the same startup, and therefore linking off a crouching strong would work for both supers. However, I am pretty sure that it’s just a late cancel and not a link. In any case, it’s not always a good idea since I’ve seen a yang get hit by the crouching strong and late cancelled into brave dance, and recover in time to block the super, probably because yang was at the tip of her crouching strong. Also, that brings to mind this factor which rarely comes into play: brave dance has a pretty short range during the invincibility animation. After that, the opponent starts to recover even though she darts really fast. Spinning beat, on the other hand, has more range on instant startup, but doesn’t travel.

Lastly, ex moves. A full three meters of spinning beat only gives you one more ex than a full two brave dance meters (seven versus six, I think).

Oh yeah, and spinning beat is vulnerable to throws at a certain timing.

I would say that SA2 is better than SA3 for Hugo. SA1 is still the best though.

I agree. I’d pick SA2 on certain match ups though. Generally I would use it versus small characters such as Oro, the twins, and Ibuki since the roundhouse C&DB knocks them out of EX Rush Punch’s range, thus not needing much EXes against them. So I’d just parry their shit and gut punch their ass! :smiley:

SA3 just has no uses other than showing off :bluu:

Dazed is crazy =D

ok, I am gettin ppl saying Sean’s SA3 isnt so bad.
frankly I think thats his worst super.

and never ever use Urien’s SA2, not even against Akuma, its still useless.

the manager had to save you last night, the denjin was comin :evil: heh, i look forward to gettin beatdown again next thursday :fury:

ryu sa 3>1>2

I’d like to see an analysis on why Akuma’s SAIII is superior to his SAII.

SAII hurts like hell.

I still think Spinning Beat is better than Brave Dance. A lot of the reasons have been outlined, as well as you get more EX, and Brave Dance does not do ANY stun. Also Spinning Beat gives you some anti-air that is actually viable (ie. use SA1 on Yun!). IMO all of Elena’s supers are equal, as there are marginal advantages to all of them (SA3 Elena vs Hugo = pwn)

Gourasen does more damage than the Goushoryu, not the other way around. Goushoryu adds stun but not very much. The bad thing about it is when you knick the opponent with the first uppercut and they recover to block the rest. You can get bitchslapped out of a Gourasen by a lot of moves, though.
Gouki’s Max supers are so much better there’s not a whole lot of reason to use the normals.
I can’t choose between the Demon and the KKR. Demon is the sneakiest move in the game, KKR has damage and wierd setups. Hmmm.

Ryu’s 3 doesn’t work on better players.

Alex’s Stungun works quite well against people with crap anti-air, like Q.

rofl. alex’s stun gun will never work on Q. if that Q player knows how to press the jab button that is…:rolleyes:

yah just gotta set it up right :evil: