Best SA with Oro!

Hi There freaky Oro fans!

I just started playing Oro, have been playing 2/3 other characters before. But I really really wanna make Oro my main Char! But I do need some help and advice. So this is my first cry of help!!

What do you guys think is the best SA in the game for Oro. I keep hearing that Tengu Stone owns all his other SA’s, but I think SA2 is rather good to. I know SA1 is his worst SA in the game, because you only get one bar. But after connecting crouching HP into SA1 with two buttons it becomes rather powrfull.

So please fill me in on the latest of Oro rumors and of course your opinions! :slight_smile:

Thanks Already!

Believe it or not, right now I suggest SAI because its the easiest to use (though you’ll hardly get anyone with it who knows what he’s doing). Once you get all of Oro’s tools down, especially his chicken combo, then move on to SAII or SAIII depending on your style.

I prefer SAIII. Just get a standing mp (2 hits) then activate the EX Tengu Stone and have fun with your 35-40 hit combo.

Tengu stone is great for juggles and corner chipping with pokes, but those unblockable setups are MEAN. I’ve seen a video where the guy takes all of kens health from a close mp with one super bar, just does the chicken combo, 3rd mp canceled into yoyu-dama, does the unblockable into close mp, and just keeps doing it. You get the EXACT amount of bar you need, aparently. The timings on it are hard, though, and the fact that if your opponent is in the corner it doesn’t work can be frustrating. Tengu Stones are definately more generally useful, but Yoyu has a lot of potential.

Personally, I’d just skip SAI, it’s just not that useful, save maybe EXing it over a shoto sweep or something.

Guess what? ALL his SAs are his best!
SA III is great for juggle combo
SA II is good for doing his unblockable & it’s EX version can really hurt a guy!
SA I is his easiest to use as stated & it’s EX version has invincibilty vs. some SAs

In relation how long the one bar is to damage, sa1 isnt worthwile(compared to the other supers).

sa III is the best hands down. you can do it anywhere, with saII you need to control space and somehow not juggle them in the corner or else you can’t do the unblockable. and also throwing it out to control space, if people can block aegis mixups, they will block saII mixups

Thanks for all the information, and your abso right about the thing when people can block aegis they can def. block saII. I think I’m gonna practise on SA1 for a couple of weeks then switching to SAII and then…you get the picture.

So here we go…SA1.

I got a few questions:
Can you do SA1 (EX) on wakeup? If your opponents gets from ground. Is their some timing were they can’t escape. I tried some stuff but some char seem to escape rather easy. Like Ibuki. Is it because she is smaller and faster? or was my timing just bad?

Can I do SA1 (EX) when the opponent is crouching?

I found it rather difficult to land a MP and be quick enough te respond with a qcf MK. So instead of waiting for it I decided to dash in and then do the MP. I was amazed at the result. Oro could dash almost under all normal moves (no crouching), is this for real or was I just lucky all the time?

okey, the last one. I the video: Oro the man of Gold I’ve seen Oro doing his fireball (EX) after a knockdown. And it homed directly back at the opponent making it a EX fireball Unblockable. My Oro balls (that does sound ugly, I know…:slight_smile: ) don’t home in the way his balls ^^ do. They disappear in the ground. What’s up with that?

Thanks for all the help!

I think u can, I do that sometimes, just time it right.

Um I think so…

Yes Oro’s dash can make him avoid A LOT of attacks! Of them are:
Urien’s EX Sphere
Ryu’s HCF+K
Some jumping attacks
Akuma’s air fireball

Try practicing comboing Standing MP–>QCF+MK it helps, but remember this won’t work on the twins or some character unless u are at the corner!

Maybe you have to wait until they stand.

Good Oro combo:
Crouching HPxxEX SA I
Against some characters this only works at the corner, but against Elena it doesn’t work

Enjoy! …and remember no matter what ppl tell u, Oro is HIGH TIER!

Are you sure he is Top-Tier?? That’s a pretty big statement. Could you give me your opinion why Oro is top-tier. I think he’s way up there but not top tier. His juggles are great but he is missing the cancel opportities that Chun and Ken has.

btw the chicken combo is already going better ^_^. Still rather difficult tho.

Tier List from some real good players

he said high tier not top tier

Chicken combos difficult? I find them a hell of a lot easier than linking supers with chun on reaction, but maybe thats just me…

i find that the stones are the most versatile of all his supers…but thats also cuz i have a hard time doing the unblockables with SAII =P

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Oro is god.