best SA?

simple question, ayt!

2>3>1 never use 1 its terrible

SA1-is the worst one,the only good thing it can do is go through medium and close range fireballs and a few other moves i cant remember off hand. can get a bunch of EX moves out of it

SA2-that is a good one,goes under fireballs,can be buffered with reg moves easy. also a person can get a lot of EX moves out of it

SA3-that one is good also,but harder to learn. its harder to learn than Yun’s SA3 to me at least. Once someone figures out how to get it started up well and gets a combo down,it does good damage.

While 1 is probably his “worst” super, don’t forget that it’s safe when blocked. You can go for a wannabe psychic low forward -> Raishin and even if they block it, you’re OK. Yes, they can red parry it, but they can red parry anything, so whatever.

Oh, and if it gets blocked, make sure to yell out, “SAFE!”

but when do you activate his SAIII,to use it efficiently?

after a move sets them airborn on a wiff or after a knockdown are the only semi viable options
i guess after the punch string and or a palm =(

you can do SAIII after a throw too,that is how I set it up most of the time.

You can SJSC standing close forward into SAIII too. Not as useful as doing the same with Yun, but still another decent way to activate