Best Sagat of EVO 2011? How far did they go?

I want to know what Sagat player made it the furthest at EVO 2011?

Is Sanford the best US Sagat player? I don’t really agree with his play, but oh well… is Sanford

Kayo police did.

I only caught John Choi playing Sagat against Daigo which was entertaining to see him fireball the same way he does with Ryu but it was no use versus Yun. I saw Mago use his Sagat zone against Rufus again this time with very different result against Justin Wong

  1. eLive|RF
  2. EMP|Sanford Kelly
  3. Leslie Cheong

Leslie has one of the best Sagats in the world. :slight_smile:

I saw him make a good effort but Akuma…there’s not much to say.

he beat Kindevu’s Yun and C.Viper in winners and had to play Kindevu again. He also beat Floe and Crizzle en route to top 25.