Best Sagat to follow on xboxlive?

I’m just starting to pick up Sagat and I was just wondering the names of some good Sagat players to follow on the replay channel, if anyone could help me out would appreciate it.

I’ve tagged Bokusap (Bonchan) and Sunset01 (could be incorrect spellings, but check you tube)

Sagat’s only my secondary, but from what I’ve seen I rate those 2, you’ll find them at least in the top 40 on X-box Live. Last time I looked Bonchan was about 15th I think.

RM also has a solid Sagat, but i’m not sure if he play’s online?

Bokusapp , Scrubydan, Piyoppia , Sunset01 ,RF,

I follow Jiji, who wrecks shit and you can learn a lot from.

^^^agreed, also bonchan heavy weapons, rf are good choices