Best Sam Teams?

I’m still one of those fools trying to use Silver Samurai effectively. I’ve played around with various teams so far. Probably my most effective has been Sam/Cable/Sentinel. I’ve played with Dasrik’s suggested Storm/Sam/Sentinel team, and that’s been okay, but I’ve noticed that if I don’t have anti-air on my team, I tend to get eaten alive. Blackheart/Sam/Sentinel also helps build meter for Sam, but it’s just not a strong Team.

Recently, I ran across the old Team Sherwin Sam teams - Morrigan/Sam/T.Bonne or Rogue/Sam/T.Bonne. They still leave Sam vulnerable to runaway, but the Team here works pretty damn well since the other characters have got decent rush-down. Combining a T.Bonne assist with super with DHC’d Raimenken does sweet damage, and Morrigan and Rogue are just pixie-enough that they can usually charge up meters nicely for Sam.

Generally the problems I’ve had with Sam are either I make the team too strong for anti-rush down and get ran away from, or vice versa. Sam/Cable/Sentinel kills rush-down dead, Storm/Sam/Sent is vulnerable to rush-down [Although this may be why Dasrik chooses Launcher type for Sam…?].

Any other particularly good Sam teams people have run up against? I’ve seen other people use in tourneys with Psylocke and Jin quasi-effectively, but any good player is going to eat that alive… I believe RowTron plays Storm/Sam/Sentinel once in a loooong while (so it last last tourney), with an emphasis on Ice Sword. But playing around a little bit, I think Sam/T.Bonne is a leettle better with Ice Sword power-up than Sam/Sent.

Thoughts? So far I’ve only been able to play Team Sherwin against scrubs… I’ll give it a shake-down in casual play soon.

Also - anybody seen any tourney vids where people use Sam? I have yet to see one…

Sam rocks! I still try use him a couple of times cuz he’s fun to play with. That lighting super thing wrecks sent. if he tries to fly and any partners that comes out. I think doom’s pretty good since sam has some lag.

You could use my OLD team of xxx/sam/doom where xxx is any good battery character. The main reason is the simple fact that sam uses meter SO much that you need to have about 3-4 bars to do some damage. And in the scenario that your battery dies, you have plenty of meter and can freely chip away at your opponent (call doom AAA, shuriken x2, super shuriken) If you want a team where sam is on point, try sam/AAA/doom. The AAA pops people up for some lightning action. Great for people who hide behind their assists. But be careful doing this against cable. Lightning IS NOT full screen so cable can ahvb you pretty cleanly.

the teams all have weakness in the fact that they lack eithe aaa but make up by strong char or have mad setups liek rouge or tron but still lack strong team member AND aaa
i suggest storm/sam/AAA easy dhc and storm can bulid bars. samn needs bar and aa like psy to do big damge forget about powerupo modes they are worthless. jsut setup lightning and chip with stars.

I choose Launcher type for counter xx raimeiken basically.

Damn I love Rogue/Silv Samurai/Captain Commando or Rogue/Silv Samurai/Cykes. Rogue is there to sexy things up with cross-ups and Sam is there helping her by throwing shurikens. Storm running? Commando/Cyke that shit. I’m still trying to learn how to deal with Sam since I just picked him up a week ago when I saw the crazy damage of his Ramiken. Rogue’s throw assist into Ramiken is dangerous crap. She throws the enemy right in the middle of the lightning so it’s going to be rather impossible to get out of it.

Since opponents that are too small and are far away can block the super. anyone know any guard breaks for Sam? Thanks.

I used to goof around with Spiral/Sent/Sam (projectile assist). Tremendous chip, & possibly moderately effective in a real-world context if you have a good Spiral (I sure don’t).

Plus, black Sent/Sam ownz anyway. :slight_smile:

Spiral would be pretty much ideal as a battery for Sam; Sent drones help on the AAA front, but it’s only a semi-solution to a perennial Sam problem. Staying off the ground helps… :wink:

Their gameplan is a long, grind-it-out, milk-the-clock kind of way to win though; may not be what some would consider very “fun”.

"Another nice thing about Sam on launcher is Lightning Team Super. Tempting… :evil: …nah… :lol:"

Normal jump jab throwing star (real early), launch XX Raimeiken should work… try it & see.


well like iv said b4 all these teams lack a good aa :frowning: outside of the capcom one, but i perfer a low hit aa liek psy or cyke to setup the lightinin better
also c.lkX2 into lightning is much better then launcher into super since its much closer and the angle isnt crazy…

I don’t use Sam-a much at all, but I’d always use him with BH.

BH-B, Sam-a is a sweet tandem IMO. Just insert the third character that has an assist the other 2 can utilize [Doom-b, Cyclops-b, Sonson-y, and on and on]. These 2 are able to use each other’s assists with devastating results:

BH, Sam-a can use the assist in much the same way that he can use Doom-b [minus alot of the chip and projectiles, but plus more combo friendly.]

Sam, BH-b You can use BH to drag them down into rediculous chip. All you would need to do is insert a character that has an assist you can use with both of these characters well [Doom, Cyclops, etc…]. IMO Doom would probably be the best, but follow your own voice.

I’m still working on that guard break with Sam; it looks like I’ll have to do the shuriken at the very end of the normal jump and aim it upwards towards the incoming character, then launch XX Raimeiken. If anybody knows anything simpler/more proven, please feel free to share. :slight_smile:

Also, turns out Sam-b works really good with the “Projectile Assist” concept Joe Zaza talked about awhile ago (don’t know if y’all remember). Hulk benefits greatly with e-z gamma charge combo setup/ghetto cover, extra chip on blocked gamma rip XX super and just an overall “plug” to keep the rushdown alive.

And of course, glitched Headcrush on any connected Sam-b is as deadly as it sounds…

Will post more after further testing.


i dont use silver samurai, but i’ve seen someone at my local arcade use him pretty effectively. he uses sam projectile?/doom antiair/ cylcops antiair. this team is an assist raper/chip team/kill you if you get caught by cyclops team. he calls out doom and throws those annoying stars. if you get close cyclops comes out, if you’re caught, lightning super, if you’re not caught more stars. or hell also call out doom if you get close and throw 2 stars for some serious chip damage. :mad: :smiley:
however, this team isn’t great by any means unless you’re looking to kill an assist like psylocke with that lightning super. this team happens to be useful at my arcade though because the damage on the machine is all the way down and chipping has become the main factor in who wins, also if you have cable:cool:

silver sam!

I’ve been trying Sam out with Storm and Cyke, and it’s pretty nice.

I’m still learning some Sam basics, but doing Storm’s AC into LS, then DHC into Sam’s Lightning super does good. If there’s enough meter, then one more DHC into Cyke’s MOB.

Sam’s lightning super, like mentioned, kills assists pretty fast, and I’m realizing that now because I was able to do some damage to my friend’s TBonne.

Anyway, I’m still getting some logistics down with them, but I’ll b around to respond once I do get it comfortably.


A lot of people like Silver Sam/Tron. She gives enough blockstun to do some of the stuff you would with Doom (minus Doom’s chip). Also, punishing their assist with Tron, then Ramei Ken will kill a Psylocke from full health, and will leave Capcom with just pixels…

I like Magneto/Silver Samurai/Doom

I use Sam in Projectile for the nice chip it does. And doom is anti-rush down. And Magneto is goood at locking down runaway especially with a well timed doom. I like DHCing into the shurikens because they do so much chip. That’s just my thoughts. I don’t play this game to much but if you have a good magneto this could work well for you.

Wow, it’s funny this thread is still around & back at the top; I just started playing my Jugg/Sam/Hulk again in the past couple of weeks or so…

Pretty fun and more effective than you might think. Hulk Gamma Crush (let the last hit get in) XX Lightning Super is brutal on assists, as is plain ol’ call glitched Jugg-b, Lightning Super. Either one landed clean will 90% an assisting Sent, I sh!t you not.

SS point star game actually does OK against Cable and Sent, just might buy you enough to get over the hump. Mag/Storm will still rip you a new one if they get in, but that pretty much goes for any team last I checked…

People will instantly say “no AAA”, but that doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Not to say that it doesn’t count at all…

Sam goes with a lot of characters well. I have a new respect for him.

Forget about that guard break stuff I was saying, I was probably drunk. Or n00bed out. Most likely a little of both. :smiley:

I can’t believe I still play this game… :confused::bluu::lol:

Silver Samurai???

<— Hmmm…I think i know how to play with him ^_^.

i’d have to say either im/ss/doom or bh as the best team…

combofiend invented it