Best Sanwa buttons for 3/4" wood


I’m trying to make an arcade cabinet and I want to use Sanwa buttons but it looks like they wont fit the 3/4" wood. Am I wrong?

I really don’t want to use a router to make the button area smaller.


youll need to recess seriously… sanwa pushbutton cant go as far a 3/4


just do what i did, if you don’t want to router just use a bigger size hole saw and drill from the back to a certain depth, like leave 1/8th inch…this will be easier if you have a drill press handy or you can just put tape on the bit to mark when to stop drilling…hope this helps


if you have the stuff to build a cab, then use your router.


Use snap-ins. Keep them in place with your plexi and put some notches in the wood so that the tabs can slide in cleanly to your button holes. Now it doesn’t matter how thick the wood is especially if you wire them before snapping them in.


Exactly what I did with MDF and plexi, the buttons snap onto the plexi, then I notched two edges of the 30mm holes for the springy bits to sit in.


This is just a personal preference, but I would go for 1/2" HDF instead. Mdf will work fine, but it can dent around the egdes of the button after a few swap outs (feels jiggly after about the third button swap…eeew). HDF will not dent, and at 1/2" thickness would be perfect for hooking up the snapins (and it feels a lot more secure if you’re a button basher).