Best SBO USA Qualifiers


Best SBO USA qualifiers ever imo…2008…when actual hype and rivalry existed…the hate at this event was intense…my old girlfriend even turned against me!

Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Winners Finals:


Grand Finals:



MVP: Sextaro

Played with Maximillian last night


Can we get something with a little bit more spine? and if I remember correctly Ken was ALWAYS mvp.


This tournament was insane…dunno why you are sleeping lol…yup, Ken held it down this tourney big time…triumphed in our time of need :slight_smile:


If you thought that was hype, you should’ve came out to one of these ^^
This would’ve been the true heat and rivalry. Chinatown Fair vs Denjin
"Pyrolee? PyroFREE"


don’t put those huge-ass inedible-anyway peppers in your mongolian beef, B


I’m not the only one who is sad about sbo right


Pyrolee - What was that “WTF Mongolia” joke about?


i personally liked the year you and frank waxed everyone in tx for the spot. but of course the best usa moment is a tie between kokujin coming up to frank after casuals in japan and damn near apologizing to frank at how bad he is / and the all in sa3 activate off throw techby u, all in chun super to parry exhibition…ironically less talked about than wozzler vs daigo, console, half screen parry =]


Awesome trailer but then none of the finals videos got released :frowning: Doubly sad because it featured the Valle/Frankie dream match.

I also remember reading all the drama from the first camelot qualifiers with paulee ‘slamming’ the buttons while Victoly was parrying.


Yeah you’re right that is a sick tournament.


I thought you just called him “Denjin Arcade: PyroFREE”


what pyrolee is still alive?


HAX you too damn funny man. Still got it


The weekly ranbats leading up to SBO qualifiers were always so amazing, every year, new tech, new mind games…

There were a good 3 years where you could watch the evolution of the North American game week to week and it was always nail bitingly intense.


Thanks for the post =) Those FFA ranbats were one of the reasons why I got into competitive fighting games T_T

West Coast used to be so hype!~



Sbo quals were the best!!!

But as far as tourneys go…

Coop>>>>> sbo

It’s just too bad the only American to fly over to compete was Pherai Gouki!


Btw…lol at gf turning against you. Sounds like some wwf shit lol.

Come back to Japan Pyrolee!!


Most iconic moment was Pyro talking mad shit about how the rest of the US wasn’t seein FFA, and then goin to Texas quals with Frankie and proving it. The amount of salt from the EC was legendary.


I remember there was this SBO qualifier trailer many years ago that looked really hype but the actual video never came as far as I know.
The only thing I remember from the trailer is Chun throwing Ryu out of a Denjin setup.
Anyone know what happened with that video?


This thread makes me hope that the SBO corpo team gets their shit together soon, so Japan can have their FG Super Bowl back, and the hype can overflow, once again


More intensity within reason and I’m sure somebody will figure it’s more than a passing phase again.