Best Second Character for a Dhalsim player?

I main Dhalsim since vanilla 4, but in Super i wanna train a second char so I can win Dhalsim’s bad matchups.
I would like to know wich character best complements Dhalsim, I’m thinking in high-level tournament play.

No emotions at all, no stuff like “play what you like the most”, I just want to know wich character would be the most effective one in covering Sim’s weaknesses.

I think Rufus would be a solid addction, but what do you guys think?

if you consider Rufus, Viper and Abel bad matchups, I’ll probably like to pick Akuma.
He’s really difficult to manage, especially if your main is a non-combo char like Sim.

He has:
a solid and ranged FA.
a nice Teleport to escape.
a bunch of combos to punish everything
big damage
solid mixups.

So he should be used in aggressive way…(and we all are used to defend with Sim lol)
so It’s hard to main him and it will take a very long time…

Balrog is another good pick, imo. He deals with Rufus and Viper well enough. Also, he’s pretty easy execution wise.

Unfortunately, he’s pretty boring. To me at least.

Bison beats Rufus, Viper and Abel in my opinion. Balrog only really beats Viper, but it’s close.

I also think that Bison is a good choice. He’s fun to play too… What with all the dash c.shorts and focus dash grabs. Jumping fierce is great, standing roundhouse is great, standing short is great.

Akuma …

I really like balrog especially because I have a pretty hard time with the bison matchup

I am maining Bison and Dhalsim is one of the characters I am considering as my alt. It’s a nice departure from Bison’s aggressive rushdown style tactic. I will spend some time with Sim to see if I can grasp his unique style of play.

Fuck it. Sagat is still good even with the nerfs. He also is very versatile and adaptable to play up close or far away. Solid Zoning Tools, Uppercut, combos, kara cancels. I find him more interesting than Rog, or Rufus.

2 votes for Dictator… Interesting.

Considering that my worst mathup right now is Ibuki, and Dictator has a slight advantage over her, I tihnk I’m going to pick him.

rufus and bison if you want rushdown…ibuki is really good takes alot of combo practice…shoto is never a bad choice

couple of us were thinking gief, ruf, abel vip

but thats all on your opinion on the the gief vip matchup!

Great thread man…

This is something I have been stressing over. I have recently competed in several offline tournaments. I feel very confident in every matchup except a high level rufus, bison, or abel. Zoning is very hard for sim. To compete in tournies I am forced to learn a counter for those characters. I was told that the best counter for rufus is sagat and ryu/akuma. I have been having fun with akuma and I loveeeeeee his options.

I am a sim player for life (in sf4 anyway) but to be realistic and competitive, i must pick up a 2nd

Yeah, I need a 2nd char too… I started learning Cody as soon as I got SSF4, but Cody has many of the same hard matchups Dhalsim has, namely Rufus, Dictator, Abel…

All I know is Cody doesnt do the trick… Maybe Gief?

Good thread. 'Something I’ve been giving some thought, too. I’d love to pick up Akuma, but I think I just don’t understand the ebb and flow of using him. I’ve had soem success with Dictator, though.

He might not do too well against Dictator (though he can shut-down Psycho Punisher with Siberian Blizzard). I recently picked up Zangief since does fairly well against Abel and supposedly Rufus which are Dhalsim’s 2 worst match-ups. If for some reason you end up with a bad match-up mainly due to zoning, you might be able to know what people go through when you normally use Dhalsim and learn how people cope with it (if they do, though it’s not impossible :P).

For the record I don’t agree with this logic. There are diminishing returns when attempting to play a second character to some high degree. You must put in some SERIOUS time in order to bring up the match-up knowledge and general familiarity with that character to the point where you’re better with the match than you would be with your main.

Where your opponent is bringing their A game, you’re bringing your secondary character that you have raised specifically for handling match-up issues. I hope you have a lot of time on your hands.

However, if you’re the kind of player who CAN only play 2 characters then you could maybe pull it off. I have trouble not learning a new character or revisiting an old secondary every 2-3 weeks to have SOME level of proficiency with as many as I can. Perhaps if I only played as Sim and Bison then my Bison would be to some decently competitive level. At this point I am sure that I would do terribly in tournament with anyone besides Sim.

Props to people who can truly compete with more than one character.

According to the new Tier List (Super Street Fighter 4 Tiers ? Character Rankings : these are the bad (< 5) matchups for Dhalsim:

Cammy: Beaten by chun, honda, bison, guile, balrog, ryu, ken, zangief, dee jay

Abel: Beaten by chun, bison, cammy, fei long, adon, hawk

Rufus: Beaten by bison, guile, balrog, cammy, sagat, seth, ken, zangief, dee jay

Adon: Beaten by chun, honda, bison, balrog, cammy, sagat, hawk

Vega: Beaten by chun, honda, bison, guile, balrog, cammy, ryu, abel, rufus, akuma, adon, ibuki

Viper: Beaten by honda, bison, balrog ,cammy ,ryu, rufus, blanka, zangief, ibuki

Fuerte: Beaten by honda, bison, balrog, cammy, ryu, rufus, seth, akuma ,fei long

Gouken: Beaten by chun, bison, guile, balrog, cammy, ryu, abel, rufus, fei long, blanka, ibuki, vega, cody, gen

According to this list, the best secondary characters a Dhalsim player could play are, in my opinion:

1) Bison: Beats 8 (all) of Dhalsim’s bad matchups
2) Cammy: Beats 7 of Dhalsim’s bad matchups, aside from herself
3) Balrog: Beats 7 of Dhalsim’s bad matchups, aside from Abel

I say go with Cammy. Mainly because I almost never beat a competent Cammy. :arazz:

yo shawn, i see your point dude and I completely agree. I have over 10,000 matches logged with sim in the past 2 years (and those are just online…lame). I know all of his match ups well. I would rather pick sim and lose than run to a second and win, to be honest. I was recently in a tourney with over 120 entries. I went 5-2. I lost to a rufus and a rufus man. Both took 2nd and 5th. i would consider both of those players high level. I actually beat a medium-high level rufus in losers. I don’t know if im being realistic when i say i need a counter or not. I saw plenty of the top 8 counter picking. This is a game of matchups man. For the record, I still cannot use anyone else to save my life.

so in a nutshell… i agree with you