Best secondary for Hugo



Who, in your opinion, makes a really good secondary for a Hugo main?

Rolento I think is a good one, mainly because he’s essentially Hugo’s polar opposite.

After being frustrated by a strong zoning character putting up an impassable wall in front of Hugo, it’s nice to be able to switch to a character with several anti-fireball options and a strong footsie game that can outpoke most zoners.


Lol idk but my secondary is Guile. I think the you just have to learn Yun or Juri. Or jump on the Evil Ryu bandwagon. Yun is said to be the best character by alot of top players including Diago.


Well I meant more along the lines of who best covers the specific weaknesses of Hugo, rather than just picking a top tier.

Then again I guess a top tier would be the opposite of Hugo huehue


ive looked at event hubs and extrapolated data, and if the matchups are to be taken as precise, then yun and akuma covers the match ups that hugo suffers from the most, the Best.

Then again, they are Yun and akuma so its no wonder they are up there.

I think Rolento is a nice change of pace although japan seems to think rolento sucks. i’m personally rocking Decapre (to offset zoning matchups) and cody (cuz of familiarity)


I’ve actually been sort of wondering this myself. I mainly used to play grapplers almost exclusively with a bit of Dan and Rufus for a bit of fun.

I’ve lately been playing a lot of Decapre who’s okay for at least fighting players who mindlessly fireball aside from Guile. I was wondering how Balrog(Boxer) faired against some of the characters Hugo really really struggles with. Right now Gouken, Sagat and Seth are just complete nightmares for Hugo due to his sluggishness, size/hurtbox and general lack of ways past these characters with good ranged options.


Dhalsim for all of hugos bad match ups except Seth and Juri, which i would probably use cody against those 2


I’d say Abel. Abel has great mobility (as oppposed to Hugo), has many options against projectiles (which are a really annoying for Hugo) and keeps the same mix-up “philosophy” (they are both kinda 50-50 characters who rely on readings to win). That being said, you cannot cover every match-up unless you pick top tier characters or more than two.


The best and most satisfying secondary for Hugo is You Playing Hugo Better.