Best sega saturn games?


so i just picked up a sega saturn from goodwill for a cool $12. i was wondering what are the games i should pick up for it. and what information should i know that may not be common knowledge?


I loved Panzer Dragoon and revolution x and virtua tennis and virtua fighter


X-Men Vs Street Fighter/Marvel Vs Street Fighter/Radiant Silvergun.


X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter 2 are the only good ones I can think of.


Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guardian Heroes, NiGHTS, Fighters Megamix, Dark Savior.

-Some games (mostly Capcom and SNK fighting games) require a RAM cartridge. You can buy RAM carts that double as region keys etc, to allow you to play imported games.
-Saturn has internal memory for game saves, though you can add more with a memory cart (see above). To keep the memory up and running you’ll need one of those flat lithium batteries that looks like a quarter (should cost you about $1, and take about 45 seconds to replace)
-Most Saturn joysticks suck. I have a Hori one which is actually pretty good, but that’s one of few exceptions.


pick up the japanese castlevania: symphony of the night for something different. load time and graphics are ass, but it has stuff you won’t find in any other version of the game (playable alucard, richter, maria on start, new levels, new enemies, new songs).


Make sure you get Guardian Heroes.


Dragonforce, Mystaria, Virtua Fighter, Shining Force 3… good stuff.


Besides all of its FGs, which except for Fighters Megamix have superior arcade versions that are commonly found in emulators…

Good RPGs:
Albert Odyssey
Dragon Force
Panzer Dragoon Saga (good luck finding and buying a copy)
Shining the Holy Ark
Shining Force 3

Guardian Heroes and Three Dirty Dwarves are good beat-em-ups.
Unfortunately, America missed out on lots of good stuff that Japan got. Although we did get PS1 ports of much of the stuff we missed (Lunar remake, Grandia, etc.).


Burning rangers
Mr bones
Clockwork knight 1&2
Sega rally

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If you like this style of games check out the wealth of great shmups on the system. Saturn was an arcade beast.


Radiant Silvergun
Panzer Dragoon, Zwei and Saga
Guiardian Heroes
Burning Rangers
Saturn Bomberman
Xmen Vs. Streetfighter
Shining Force 3
Silhouette Mirage
Princess Crown


Sega Rally
Dark Savior (fun, innovative rpg, plus it has street fighter style combat system)
Guardian Heroes
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Virtua Cop
Fighters Megamix
Last Bronx
Fighting Vipers

I am getting all nostalgic now. I am really starting to regret giving away my saturn.

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga.
    all the other Panzer Dragoon games are rail shooters, whereas Saga is an RPG, IMO far far superior than any of the other games. It’s a MUST buy.

  2. Street Fighter Alpha 2

  3. Sega Rally 2


Sega Saturn Bomberman


8 player FTW!


Is there a device or something I can use to play a Saturn on an HDTV and have the picture look decent?


No one has said Grandia II this makes me sad.


Corpse Killer and WWF In Your House


Grandia II was PS2 and DC.