Best Seimitsu?

Hello, I got a new project and I am looking into exploring the world of Seimitsu sticks.

As I was going through various websites, I notice that Seimitsu has quite a bit of selection of sticks to choose from. The most common I see is the LS-32, but there are a wide arrange of different sticks, What is the “best” or rather “most preferred”? I know this is a preference question, but I am not going to spend a whole lot of cash to try every single model.

Thanks for your time!

LS-32s are the ones normally found in Sega Astro City cabs, and various Versus City ones.

Yeah I’d either go with a LS-32 or a LS-32-01. The LS-32-01 is the same thing as the LS-32 except that it comes with the microswitches on a PCB and a wireing harness similar to the way sanwas do.

Yeah, LS-32-01 is prefered but here, I find this interesting…

I thought so.

The only Seimitsu I really have convenient access to is the LS-32. I am currently deciding with myself to determine if it is worth spending the cash, materials, and time. I have a relatively small empty case lying around and I was going to go standard all Sanwa and make a traveling Sanwa stick (I currently use a HRAP, but it’s too damn huge and bulky to transport).

I read Toodle’s post about Seimitsus being very common, hell, even preferred in Japan, and being the complete Seimitsu curious newbie, I thought about trying it. It sounds like an excellent but underrated stick! However, I spent the last hour Googling up reviews of Seimitsus. Oddly enough, the majority preferred Sanwa over Seimitsu. I am still debating whether to go through it or not. I probably will, just to see how it is. What do you guys think? I play almost all standard 2d fighters, I don’t play 3d, and I ONLY USE 4-way. I despise octagon restrictors with a passion. And yes, I know this is a PREFERENTIAL question.

Seimitsus are commonly used for shumps, but they are no slouch when it comes to fighting games either.

i just saw a load of old Seimitsu LS 32s with really worn out restrictors. the supposedly square gate became round. O_o it appears that this happens often, though i’m not sure how long it stays square.

also, is it possible to use the Seimitsu as a square gate only with the light blue restrictor? i mean, would it work the same way if the dark blue restrictor was taken out? if that’s possible, then i think it’d be better to just take out the dark blue one and use it when the light blue one wears out.

now that makes me want a HRAP ! although I’d blank of button 8 and have it as a 7 button layout

I’d take a seimitsu over a sanwa any day, IMO they also seem to last longer and take more hammer than the sanwas, also - again IMO seimitsu’s are quieter than JLF’s and seem to travel easier

/saved to favourites for later :tup:

Is it just me or does the dark blue restrictor make the LS-32 feel more octagonal? I like to just take it off unless I’m playing in 2-way or 4-way mode.

great, so it does work without the dark blue restrictor. :tup:

I have a LS-33-01 and it works great.

Wow cool. I’ve been wanting to try the LS-33-01. They look like they are closer to the compact size of the Sanwa JLF than the LS-32 is. I’ve heard that people didn’t like them as much as the LS-32 but that they were still a good stick.

I bought it because it closer to size as the JLF. Maybe people don`t like the LS-33 that much because the 32 is standard, who knows…

Btw…try a LS-55-01 if you can, very nice feel.

Wait a minute, I thought the HRAP has Sanwa parts not Seimitsu. Or is that a modded HRAP fitted with a Seimitsu stick?

I think the link is some pics of a modded stick. The HRAP has a sanwa joystick and seimitsu buttons in it, yes.

Hmmm doesn’t the standard green HRAP with the turbo switches have Hori buttons stock?

Yeah, that my be it, I don`t own a RAP so I am not 100%. It has a sanwa stick in it though ^_^.

TheRealNeoGeo: You seem to know quite a bit about Seimitsus, could you please give me an explanation on the differences between the Seimitsus as listed here?

Right now, I can hopefully pick up a LS-32, but there are just so many different kinds, that, and I have never used a Seimitsu before. Like I said, I play soley 2d fighters. I ONLY use 4-way style like the default Sanwas. But I could use a more slightly sensitive stick. While I consider myself pretty much proficient in Sanwa usage, a little bit more sensitivity in input could enhance my super fast movement game (i.e. GG dashing, SF faster QCF’s, etc.).

I don`t think Seimitsujoysticks are so good for fighting. The LS-32 is the standard joystick in shootercabinets like Sega Astro City, Egret 1 and Taito but it has a rather short lever. LS-40 is about the same as LS-32, only difference is that it has a lever protection (it is used alot in SNK cabinets).
The LS-55 plays like the LS-32 and has the same length on the lever as a sanwa jlf-tp-8y (45mm, the LS-32 is 42mm). If you are gonna make a customstick or mod a HRAP then this is good I think.
Also, if you decide o buy a seimitsujoystick then try to look after the ending -01 in the modelnumber. -01 is telling you that a JLF-H (same as the 5-pin cable on the sanwa jlf-tp-8y) is used. And it does not show on the websight but they have a LS-32-01 also (if you want the LS-32).