Best sentinal team?



Although there is no such thing as one best team in mvc2. Some of the top teams amost always consist of sentinal due to his damage, chip, flying and armor. I was wondering what you people think is the best sentinal team.

storm/sent/CapCom (i use the top three teams the most)


share you ideas plz…and give suggestions what makes them so good


pretty much all the teams you mentioned, except the last two, only because it doesn’t revolve around sentinel (strider, and dhc). the 3rd one is more for storm and cable as last point.

another good one is sent/mag/im, im is the top tier assist that lets you connect hsf.


i’d say combofiend and row tron are teams worth being mentioned when u talk of best sentinel teams…


ic…I think storm/sent/capcom is so powerful and versitile. sent and capcom can make up some really nasty and damaging combos, while storm and sent have a 100% combo. The only problem is when capcom is the last person left.

sent/cable/capcom. I think this team is all keep away and chip while building up five bars for cable. still powerfull

storm/cable/sent - I use this team a lot. Three really good characters, but lacks a good assit

strider/sent/doom - the reason I suggested this, I thnk stider kinda owns cable, but I could be wrong, and doom is a good assit.


what are your thoughts on magz/sent/cap?


most powerful shockwave combo


I don’t like this team very much. Magneto/Capcom just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t like the fact that Capcom sends them flying away, because there aren’t as many reset options.

Btw, mvc2 Newbie, those teams are usually played in this order:

Personally, I think the best team involving sentinel is Storm/Sent/Cable. Once people start learning how to use Cable’s assist better, his point ability will make up for commando’s assist. The storm > sent DHC won’t be 100% anymore, but Sent should be able to finish the job. I don’t know why this team isn’t used more often. It seems like with a little work, this team could dominate. /me shrugs


Come to think about it I think that is a very good team, in fact now that you reminded me of that cable assist. I can in some ways see this team as one of ‘the best’ if not tied for the best. I totally forgot about that assist with cable, of course not as good as capcom but I good subsitute. Since I like using storm/sent/cable anyways, but always had to get rid of either storm or cable for capcom. I’m gonna try out this team now, it doesn’t have as good of an anti air as capcom, but these three characters are like the top tier, so I should do fine. Also since in storm/sent/cable, storm would be building mad meter, sentinal we just be like the man, and cable would come in with full meter. Even if he his little health you can still win, one mistake the other is toast, can’t say the same for capcom tho. Thanks again for the suggestion ytwojay.


the reason for storm/sent/cable being so good is this…it doesn’t have a true counter…except for strider/doom…MAYBE


I generally agree to that. Stider is a really bad problem for cable since he can teleport. But basically any rush down or chracter with teleport is generally a problem with cable. That is why you need a good assit, like capcom, but in this case I guess its sentinal.


I know it depends on the team your are facing. But what do you think is generally better? Sent/storm/cable or storm/sent/cable, with cable having the anti air assist.


*Originally posted by mvc2newbie *
**I generally agree to that. Stider is a really bad problem for cable since he can teleport. But basically any rush down or chracter with teleport is generally a problem with cable. That is why you need a good assit, like capcom, but in this case I guess its sentinal.

capcom assist doesnt autimatically stop rushdown it may prevent it for a short amount of time and mags and storms air dash is so fast it can get across the screen without getting hurt by capcom(depends on positioning of both characters).


if we say best team, then storm/sentinel/cable would probably be the best, but since he said sentinel, i figured the point or main character would be sentinel.

in this case sentinel would need to at least have capcom on the team for coverage or im for hsfs and good point. making sentinel/cable/capcom, or storm/sent or vice versa /capcom the best, or team combofiend (with mag or storm)

storm/sentinel/cable revolves on storm staying alive, and damaging assists, then dhcing out. if storm gets jacked, cable should fight next, its not sentinel oriented.

the same with strider/sentinel/doom, doesn’t revolve around sentinel but strider.

mag/sent/capcom would be a very good sent team though everyone agrees storm>mag, but if its for sentinel it doesn’t matter, and some say em disruptor is better assist.


But don’t you think cable anti air assit will make up for capcom’s absence in storm/sent/cable


Right now I am having great success with the setup suggested by ytwojay. Thx again. Its storm/sent/cable(anti air assist)


Mag/sent/capcom is dope

storm/sent/cable is a tight team that has hella trouble with scrub(no matter how the match plays out)


i know this team isn’t the BEST sentinel team…but how is everybody feelin storm/sent/im? and what assist do/would you use for that team…explain…mixup, if nobody else gives a good post would u?


That team is ok, you’re gonna be missing mag-proj ALOT when it comes to stopping jumpin/tri jumps though. Thats really the only main problem.

+Great dhcs(ALL of them)
+solid last character

-if storm dies, good luck catching somone running with sent/im either order

an above average team.


Storm/Sent/Cable 4 me!!!:smiley: Even though people will argue about Capcom being a better assist, Cable is one of the few AA assist that can be punished after hitting his opponent like Capcom/Cammy/Cyke. Plus he’s good on point.:smiley: Storm.Sent/Cable= Perfection.:cool:


i like that team too…but one wrong cable call serverely hinders that team…it is one of the best teams in the game though…team scrub is just a hard match for it due to assist punishing factor sent/cap has…launch+cap, sj.fp is too good and very safe at times