BEST SF Commentators?

  1. seth killian
  2. yipes
  3. skisonic
  4. spooky
  5. chris hu

honorable mention: the commentators from SvB.

Adam Sessler for sure


johnny dangerous rokurafera… is numero uno imo

Agree except for Chris Hu (he’s hilarious, but at the same time it’s hard to focus on the gameplay). I don’t know who I’d replace him with but there is definitely better.

I might put Spooky above Ski, kind of a toss up.

IFC Yipes, and Chris Hu should commentate every match, ever.

marn and dr.b

Slompo and Magus1234


Seth killian, Ski sonic and Spooky are my top 3.

People like Spooky’s commentary? :S

I really dislike it, not offense to the guy but he actually puts me off watching matches if he’s the on commentating. Love Hu, Seth and skisonic as they have a lot of knowledge of a lot of match ups ect.

I could do without all the commentators. Most of the time they just sound like dopes. Ive gotten use to watching videos and such with the sound off.

Ski is hype! My fav for sure.

SF4 Answers Guy /sarcasm

Yipes and Chris Hu make things the most entertaining for me. Killian I probably learn the most from watching the fight though.

Chris Hu/Yipes, every match.


Is that Skisonic getting hype over Wolfkrone? Or someone else? Im not too familiar with commentator names

“You so Pringles where’s your curly mustache at”
“I came, I saw, I Hadooken”
^two of the best lines ever said by commentators.

Man I have so many favorites:

Overall for great insights and play by play analysis I would go with:
-James Chen
-Seth Killian

For entertainment plus great commentary on match specify plays etc.
-Chris Hu

Pure entertainment:
-The guy who always gets too hype in NY that I keep forgetting the name.
-Yipes (Yipes wins in all categories xD)

I also like: Spooky, Viscant, Valle, Keits among others…

There are my favorites! Overall the best pairing for me is James Chen + Ultra David or James Chen + Ski Sonic.

Honor mention goes to Aris! I looove Aris! Even though Tekken isn’t my cup of tea I watch that guy every time. He reminds me of ol’ Manowar’s video clips lolz! He should drop to comment a few SF matches more often! o/

Is this Dr. Subzero?

Tilt your head back! You got jizzed in yo’ mouth! lmao


That guy, don’t know his name, but he’s always been my favorite. “Oh my fucking CAR.”

He kinda just blatantly states what moves each person are using, but he’s funny as shit.

S-Kill, Chris Hu, Magus, Arturo (lol, TBH I like his voice and the tangents he goes on, not necessarily for SF/FG conent but he’s good on that too for sure), James Chen

Valle, Yipes, Ski, UltraDavid, and JWong are also alright

Pherai. I’m all about commentators disregarding the game and talking about Japanese MILFS. :rock: