Best shipping from happ controls?

Sorry for the lame thread, but it doesn’t say on the site. Which is the fastest/cheapish shipping on I’m buying some parts but I don’t know which is the best method.


They are the worst when It comes to shipping.

So what do you recomend?

I always just go with the default. as long as they have the item ready, I usually get it in a couple of days. I think it is ground, but I may be mistaken. Just remember to go somewhere else if you are gonna buy less than 25 bucks worth of stuff.

Every time this topic comes up people keep recommending you don’t buy directly from Happ, word of mouth says you’ll get both better service and prices from Ponyboy on the Arcade Controls forum. No experience with him myself though.

I don’t really mind as long as I can get my parts as fast as I can from HC.

I really haven’t bought anything except switches directly from happ. Seems like they are more suited to sell to casinos and stuff like that, not so customer service based. I have heard lots of good things about ponyboy from Arcade controls, and also Tornado Terry’s. Dont have a link, I think I bought from TT’s ebay store.

I might just go with that. I’m buing a Dual X-Arcades worth so shippings going to be pretty high anyway…Ahh, I’ve just found a shop in the UK on ebay, seems pretty cheap, I might just go with them.

Edit: Although they don’t seem to have button plugs.