Best site to buy a MAS stick

ive tried but there all sold out ive heard taks forever to ship and im not into that. i check ebay as much as i what other sites are out there?

Check out the SRK Member Specials for MAS Systems and Hori products at

to get one for ps2:

thx! just what i needed =D

Whoa I just used their joystick configurator and it told me the cheapest shipping option was $58.66 :rofl: I live closer to MAS than Alpha electronics does.

I just got a call a few hours ago to notify me of this. It’s obviously a bug and I will adjust the shipping calculator to reflect the correct shipping cost. In the meantime, just drop me an email with your zip code and I’ll get you the correct cost. Sorry about that! :rofl:

I think is also a great place to get them. Providing they have them in stock.

Except the links above have a shoryuken representative…

thats the official store of they are also pretty reputable.

How would you order a six button stick from alpha electronics? The colors for buttons 7 and 8 cannot be deselected in Firefox.

Just go ahead and place the order, and send me an email via the website right afterwards with your preferred configuration.

Thanks. I will do that when I play my order, which will probably be when SSF2T: HD Remix and VF 5 come out for Xbox 360. has some pretty good prices on the MAS sticks.

From what ive heard though estarland can take long with shipping.

if you’re not in the LA area go with ALPHA from what i’ve seen aside from having an SRK rep. they’re very nice and responsible.

SH:is that 360 mas gonna have 8 button support?


not in my experience :bluu:

and where did you buy your MAS good sir?

edit: if you’re in the LA area just go to where they make the MAS sticks and pick it up.

I got mine from ArcadeShock. It was during the whole pre-Evo time where people were waiting a month and a half for sticks from MAS direct. It took like a week and a half from ArcadeShock. Even if it’s out of stock, I’d send them an e-mail and ask them if they can get you what you want. They go to MAS and get the sticks made on the spot.

I paid for mine off of alpha electronics

they forwarded the order to mas and i never got it

got a refund like 2-3 months later

not trying to crap on alpha electronics but that was just my experience

Shit…got mine cheap off of ebay. only $85…and that because of the $35 shipping. So I basiclly paid for the case with the parts as and extra.:rofl:

ArcadeShock is awesome. Like people have said if they are outta stock email, they are close to MAS and will just go pick your stick up for you.

They are also very quick with shipping and very responsive with emailing you back if you have questions. They also often throw in freebes with you order. Got my Happ 2 from them months ago and the thing got to me hella quick and with a free KOF 2002 poster :slight_smile: