Best site to get parts


I was just wondering which site is the best to get stick parts? Like buttons, joysticks, etc. Or if anyone could link me to more than one site, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!


That is all. Hands down best customer service.


If you’re in Canada, give Canadianjoysticks a try. Only complaint I had has to do with customs holding it up. Not their fault, obviously.


Without getting into “bests”, I’m just gonna say that I’ve done business with Focus Attack, Paradise Arcade Shop, and Canadian Joysticks - all great experiences. As mentioned above, if you’re in the US, you always run a chance that your CJ package will get held up in Customs, but that’s just a part of doing business internationally.


Akihabarashop, focusattack or etokki, any of them offer superb service, avoid lizardlick.


I don’t even think Lizard Lick is in business anymore.

Something happened on the owner’s “personal business” front and about the same that the new website with the god-awful order form/non-existent inventory ETA status was launched was when it all went to hell.

There’s no Lizard Lick website I can see aside from an unrelated towing business website :wink: so I really don’t think anyone here should be concerned with Lizard Lick arcade parts and cab mods/restoration.

It’s dead and let it stay that way…


paradise arcade, etokki, and canadian joystick are great places for arcade parts to shop.


I liked lizardlick when it was good. First place I ordered from and they had really good customer service back then. The only thing in their inventory I’d like to see brought to other stores is the replacement top panels


If by replacement panels, you mean the Astro City, Viewlix, etc. arcade cabinet panels, there are plenty of places that do carry these or can order them for you. The problem is that they’re either overseas or places most of us don’t know about… Especially if you want authentic, new panels that aren’t machined from some guy’s garage or place-of-work. The factory-fresh panels are available at but the international shipping fees will be outrageous… not that domestic shipping is cheap now, either. (FYI, it’s cheaper to buy panels with already installed buttons and joysticks… It’s JLF or LS-32 with equivalent manufacturer buttons, only. I’ve never seen anything else pre-installed in those panels.)

Look/Google for vendors that service or sell used arcade machines. There are still other businesses like that operating in the US but they tend to be small, 2-3 man operations at best. Condition of the machines they sell or part out varies widely… at least from what I’ve noticed when I looked.


I am surprise at the lack of mention of other stores
Order PCBs and related items directly from toodles offers some parts none of the above stores sell
Including your arcade panels sells Korean style parts

For Europe there are

For general electronic needs there always
Adafruit, sparkfun, Fry’s, element 14 and a few others

I never ordered from Canadianjoysticks, but with my experiences with the Canadian Post I rather deal with the Post Offices from Japan or China. I got items from the UK faster than I did from Canada.


Canada Post is only good if you’re in canada :confused:



I forgot about those guys, I got my first arcade parts from then before I discovered SRK.
I still get import games from them.


In Soviet Cana… wait.

Anyway, I’ll throw my 2 cents in with Paradise Arcade, they’ve been very good at getting orders out fast and for answering questions. They also try to do new and unique stuff, offering custom items that only PA will offer. I’d also like to note, that this is my go to place for orders 90% of the time.

FocusAttack also has very fast shipping and good customer service. They probably have the best marketing and presence here. If PA doesn’t have something they’re my next go to place.

Akibahara Shop is good, but it takes longer to get your order from them, if you need parts ASAP then go more local, if you want something other places don’t stock, then order from AkiShop with plenty of advance. At the time I had an order with them, their customer service was a little slow BUT that wasn’t their fault and TheRealNeoGeo was at this site as much as he could be considering their internet was wonky and emails weren’t always working for them.

eTokki is a great shop! But, I don’t need K parts, however the little dealings I did have with them was really, really good. Laugh is excellent at customer service and orders were sent out relatively fast. Not bad for international.