Best SNK character(s)

I’m still not too sure on this one Geese seems like a broken character lol but I maybe wrong yet I suck wit em but I get this impression from the way my brother kicks ass with him wit constant aggressive defense play but Rock is good since he’s a weaker and so is Terry since he’s Rock counter-part ya know but I still don’t see the fuss about Nakoruru for god’s sake :rolleyes: mostly I think she’s boring I dunno maybe u all can help me there but Hibiki is also good with her normals and speed so I’m indecisive on this

I mean seriously, do we really need a new tier thread every week? And YOU started the previous one!

And no Kyo, Iori, Kim or Rugal. Sweet jesus.


this is becoming :lame:
when will ppl understand its not the character but the player.

this is so stupid, we dont need another thread about this kind of stuff.