Best solution if you only have a 360 TE fightstick?

Since all the units are PS3 - what’s the best thing to do for evo? Get a converter - or just bum off somebody elses?


mod it for both?

LOL a clthlululululu mod in a day.

Your best bet now is to hope you can borrow 1.

There will be some where around 500 TE sticks I bet. lol

Best bet was to plan for this months ago when you decided you were going @_@

Always been Playstation.

seriously. dude must be a youngin. lets be nice for once

Never been to EVO before. Figured such was obvious due to the given question.

buy a ps3 one or borrow one from friends.

cry and watch people playing.
It’s too late lol

I’m like the only one who plays video games in med school dude, I have no gamer friends.

Should I just bring my modded SE fightstick (I have a LS32 - as opposed to a Sawna joystick - I like the smaller throw) – and just borrow an adapter? Does evo supply them?

Or are people at tournaments dicks and not let somebody borrow their stick? I fear the elitism. I.e, “no my stick is too cool for you should have thought of this like 10 years ago maaan now you gotz to sit back and watch others play lollerz.” Or what?

Best bet is to find someone to barrow from or go into store a find one of the madcatz I have seen the se all over the place where I am from.

Most people will be like that at Evo lol.
don’t be surprised

I think I’ll just go empty handed and hope to borrow somebody’s. If the scenarios were switched and I had a PS3 stick and somebody needed to borrow one, I wouldn’t mind. I figure I’m not the only non-dickhead at evo.

And if not, ooops 20 bucks down the drain. Who gives a (#$% yea?

EDIT: Actually, what I could do is just buy a PS3 SE stick from like Fry’s, go through EVO - make up some excuse and sell it back to the store.

And if need be, swap my LS32 and sawna buttons from my modded SE into the new PS3 SE, go through EVO, swap the parts back and sell it back and say that “it’s malfunctioning or something”

Perfect. Or I’ll just go to EVO with the stock parts. I hope to god the piece of crap madcatz stick can surivive a weekend.

You guys would agree this would be my best bet no?

a 20 dollar stick?
I wouldn’t borrow it.
But I’m also one of those people that most likely wont let someone borrow my stick unless they use it right infront of me and give it back immediately after they’re done. Not losing my stick cause someone didn’t prepare for evo months ahead.

IF I were to suggest/ask to borrow one, I would naturally indicate use it right then and there and return it right then and there.

I know my SF IV, and I’m one of the best in Vegas (this of course doesn’t mean much, since the Vegas scene isn’t too strong) - but I’m a Vega player, seriously guys - I’ll be eliminated quick, lets be real.

I wrote this down and will say it to anyone who asks to borrow mine, thanks.

what pool are you in? if your in pool 8 for sf4 i’ll let you borrow mine $2 a match.

lol, just don’t blame me or my stick for losing :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up not going because of this (also cuz im not ready for tournament play and it would cost a lot of money to get out there). Ask around and see if you get lucky, but don’t be surprised if you can’t find one.

seriously unless you’re daigo i’m not letting anyone borrow my $150 stick. there’s been too many stick stolen in the past just on borrowing alone.


Unless it was a professional SF4 player or a close friend I would not be lending my stick out. Skrewz that!

Yeah. Missed this post but basically QFT