Best solution if you only have a 360 TE fightstick?

this is what im trying to do. i went and bought a TE stick from frys yesterday. going to try to return it on monday. i called customer service last night and they said i can’t return if it’s open because it’s software : \ . while i was saying it’s an accessory, not software, the lady hung up.

going to call back today and make sure i can return this thing when im done with it.

yeah but technically you could mod it so it doesn’t work and then if they accepted it then the next person who gets it is fck’d over.

You should be able to return it - when the fightsticks first came out, I got one - a few days later the button began to stick - and I returned it. Simple as that.

Anyway, let me know how it goes. If it’s all good I’ll just buy it, use it, and then return it.

You can for sure return these sticks, otherwise my local Fry’s wouldn’t have about 10 open box reduced price fightsticks (TE and SE) on the shelves. :rofl:

^that’s a relief.

lowhighkang- i guess disregard my PM, it seems you know more about the fry’s situation than i do, haha.

that would rock the community if daigo stole your stick.

srk dude: “good shit. well, i gotta play some blaaaaaze blue”

daigo: “nigga, fuck you. this aint a game!”

if anyone will need a ps3 TE stick in vegas, i’ll be selling mine. i’d rather sell it out there instead of having to lug it around all weekend. $135, or the equivalent in bottles of patron :rock:

i’ll only need it for friday morning, and then i can give it to you right after i’m eliminated :lol:

it’s brand new, and i just finished painter’s taping it up to make sure it stays looking brand new. not only will you have a stick with protection, you’ll have the only painter’s tape blue TE stick at evo.

just PM me if you want to arrange something out there.

I wouldn’t take it personally if someone will not let you borrow a stick. I’ve read that EVO was rife with kleptos ganking stuff left and right.

If I was at evo I wouldn’t let someone touch one of my $300 custom sticks, unless they where a personal friend. I would go as far as to handcuff the fucker to my wrist so people know better to ask if they can borrow it.

All it takes to get your shit stolen is a kind heart and a small distraction to separate you from a stick. If you would offer your 360 stick E as collateral in exchange to ask to borrow a PS3 stick then I think that would people will be more willing to help you out, but be careful for people that are too eager to do the exchange.

Some guy I built a custom for got his TE stolen at a local tournament and then had to pay me to build him a unique custom.