Best ssf4 character for an urien player?


Preface here is that I have been playing since vanilla… and know a number of characters ranging from low level to decently advanced… but what has always prevented me from trying to level up further is mostly the games engine and my distaste for random invincible shit working to often.

This happens once in awhile in third strike but that game had parry… and beyond that I played urien who is all about putting people into setups that are hard or impossible to escape. In other words i could use tactics and strategy and know that if I played smart and made the right choices no amount of randomness… mashing… Or going nuts on the stick would get my opp out of the situation. They were either forced to lose utterly… or use solid tactics themselves.

Fast fwd to sf4 series… and it has always bothered me… that all the tactics in the world can still lose to random fadc into ultra. I am aware that in a tourney situation you won’t make top 8 by relying on randomness very often… but I don’t go to tournements very often and most of the time I’m playing my mid level friends or online. I usually win in those situations but I often feel like I played 95 percent better than my opp but win by only 10 percent. I end up eating randomness in there somewhere and have to grind out the end.

Was I just spoiled with all of uriens unblockable setups? Am I just thick headed… still having these thought spoil my sf4 fun even after 5.years of the series being out?

I play Mak… guy… oni… sagat… sakura… all pretty decently. Anyone have another character they feel might better suit my desired playstyle? Someone who weathers the random better? Or do I just decide to either accept it or quit?


I would suggest Seth since literally the other day I had a Urien player tell me he liked Seth since he reminded him of Urien… I’m not proficient with either one so I couldn’t tell you what the similarities are honestly.

Only problem is Seth is getting declawed in Ultra.

I don’t think you’re ever going to get away from “randomness” though… its a part of pretty much any multiplayer game and especially fighters. If FADC ultra is the bane of your existence maybe you should start paying more attention to how many bars your opponent has.


Seth’s low hp / stun only seems to exacerbate the issue of outplaying your opp with strong tactics… mixups… and guessing games… and having the opp even the situation with a single mindlessly buffered invincible move fadc’d into ultra on hit confirm. This is an ancient topic since they released sf4 series as a game of countless reversals that can fadc into big damage.

I guess if I didn’t pick mixup characters like mak… guy… ect… it wouldn’t piss me off so often.


Don’t worry about the fadc into ultra thing. If you block it in ultra you can throw your opponent. Poison isn’t like Urien at all but i’m pretty sure she’ll have some pretty difficult setups in the corner. Try waiting until ultra and explore the new options.


imo, if certain characters aren’t doing it for you and you are experienced with the game… look at the styles of those characters and try something different.
You’ve got mixup characters, you’ve got strong zoning with Sagat, you’ve got a fundamental character that has to fish for big damage from minimal pokes in Sakura.
You don’t necessarily have a ‘strong long-range pokes/fundamentals’ character like Rose or Chun Li, you also don’t have a standard fundamentals/footsies based shoto, you don’t have a grappler etc etc
Just some things to think about possibly trying if you feel you havn’t found your style in this game yet… You might find a character you didn’t expect to like the style of brings the fun back.

Random isn’t always random, it’s your opponent correctly reading that you might not be ready to counter that option. That will always be there but characters that negate risk by keeping away or getting out and still being ok up close with strong fundamentals might help. From reading your posts and thinking outside the box I actually wonder if Chun Li might be a great choice, she is getting buffed in ultra after all…


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I find it a little horrifying to imagine the LOL aegis reflector part of Urien’s gameplay can be considered the tactical portion of his strategy. Thankfully or not this sort of ‘MY TURN’ strategy has moved onto Marvel where it belongs.

That said you can find something similar in Ibuki and Gen. Functional if middling footsie tools with unfair and difficult to reversal setups on wake-up. Execution required further cements the comparison.


Dhalsim with Ultra 1 for setups. Or Decapre when Ultra console version arrives


I was looking at decapre as a possible option. Played a couple hours of chun last night and I’m liking some of her stuff. She doesn’t have so much mixup as mak or guy… but her stability in general with strong pokes and cheesy backdash is nice.

Ibuki vortex is great but I mess up her 1 framers a lot… and don’t even try them online.

That ‘my turn’ sort of game as you say is still alive in well in sf 4 series… like it or not. Hard kd into unblockable setups… os’s that cover 3 plus different options… vortex characters… grapplers who can drop 50/50 guesses into half life.

I would also say aegis reflector is A tactical portion of uriens gameplay… not THE. But yea it’s certainly as useful for putting people in setups as it is for using after They are in one.


Question, if you are getting hit with Srks FDAC Ultra are you jumping when it hits? Are you jumping too much? SF3 allowed you to jump more because of air parry, but it isn’t so great in SF4.


Honestly it’s not that I’m jumping… it’s more just that in most games… a good mixup is one where even if they react correctly… they still only have a few frames to do so and it’s tough. So they have to guess correctly… and time it right. It seems like in sf4 series u can just buffer like crazy and it will always come out so long as it is possible given frame data. To make matters worse cross ups often invoke autocorrect… so they neither had to react correctly or in a timely manner… just buffer away. Really this is an old discussion surrounding the combination of input leniency, buffer window, and auto correct that has been around since vanilla. Like a lot of the old dudes it never sat real well with me and this post was just to see if people had character selections that mitigate some of the rage.

I don’t mind someone buffering shit… that they guessed or read correctly… and they just buffer b/c it’s easier than timing it… what drives me nuts is when i watch the replay with inputs on and see they started buffering thoughtlessly… as in before there was an indicator of what I might do. Or when I see them mashing like crazy… on the wrong ass side… before I even moved… but still had their reversal autocorrect up my ass a moment later as I crossup. I usually beat these players… but not the smooth way I feel like it should go. Much more rage inducing.

I think just playing a chun, guile, ect might piss me off less. Half my issue is that I gravitate toward pressure characters who put themselves out there a lot more. Or maybe if I just had the patience to hang back more once I have a decent lead.


think it would be a nice idea to try out some characters that don’t rely on mix ups too much. like you said you can stick with Chun for a bit, and if that doesn’t fancy you tastes maybe Guile or Sim. guess you can try Gouken or Vega as well. Gootecks was a dedicated Urien in 3rd Strike and he fared decently with Balrog in SFIV


Try Vega. Perhaps one of the hardest characters to know how to play with, but it certainly pays off. He is just fragile and weak in defence, but is a great zoner, great normals, footsies and able setup situations and can maintain a great pressure with his use of good kara throws.


I considered Vega but his his playstyle is not really up my alley. That and his sound effects drive me nuts…