Best Steering wheel for 360?

I’m thinking about building a racing pod soon and I was hoping some of you could recommend the best steering wheel setup for the 360

Ive read that logitech makes a great setup but its only for pc/ps3?

many thanks in advance

What about the official wireless 360 steering wheel? There’s resistance as you make turns and whatnot.

Absolute best for the 360 is the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel. Although it’s not readily available in the US, you can order it online.

ive read that it requires a bearing modification in order for it to be smooth…

the porsche setup that JDM posted looks interesting although I would hate to spend that much on something only to be dissapointed with its performance… ill see if I can dig up some reviews.

i wish i knew what happened to my ps2 logitech wheel, i’d totally try it out on my xconverter 360. easily my favorite wheel i’ve owned.

I’m pretty happy with my official wheel.

I haven’t tested too many wheels, two or three PC models, including the G25, and the xbox official one and I think is good enough.