Best Stick For MAME


I want to hook a joystick to a PC for use with MAME. (I was thinking the MadCatz stick for 360 might be a good choice since it already uses a standard USB plug.) Any suggestions or advice from people who use a console joystick for MAME or other emulators? Thanks!


The Mad Catz TE would be a great choice for MAME. I use two Virtua Stick High Grades for MAME on my setup.


I second the TE, but pretty much anything that works via usb would work just fine.


I wouldn’t say that he might accidentally get a PS3 stick, And it not work because he’s using a laptop that doesn’t have an available or any 3.0 slot.

Make sure its a Xbox360 Stick.

360 Sticks however you have to go through alot of trouble to get them working with mame.


No way, its not any more trouble to use a 360 stick in MAME than it is any other controller. You just press Tab and configure your buttons, same as any controller of any kind.


yup I use my TE with MAME all the time…no trouble getting it to work


I was pretty sure with mame 0.117 etc or different operating systems you needed to do a bunch of shit, I’ll post the thread if you want more proof i’m to lazy to sit here and type it out, But i know for a fact a SE and a EX2 wont work with mame just plugin and play unless you have a presetup xbcd drivers


Chun Li PS3 TE has no problems on PC, so get that if you have a lot of PS3s around. But if you have a 360 base for consoles in your area, get that, so then you’ll have a stick in case it ever comes to console gaming.

Most things USB have no trouble at all. It’s just that strain of TEs, aside from Chun Li PS3 that will give you trouble. If you use a PS2>PS3 converter, they also work well.

The most important things to look for are authentic parts, and PCB that works well which TE has, just not most PS3 TE.

Anything mod with a board by Toodles, or Dualstrike is my favorite, though. It’s completely driverless, so it should work on any PC natively as a universal human interface device.


Ive never had trouble with any PS2 Converter or PS3/PS2 Stick, I have had trouble with 360 sticks, But i haven’t owned enough ps3/ps2 sticks and its been a long time since i have set it up for someone but i know 360 you need microsoft drivers xbcd drivers then you need to insert some text into the drivers.ini

Yea gotta love toodles work he’s a genius btw nerrage


I second this statement. such a great stick.


It really depends also what type of games you will be playing through mame?

If its just old school style i would recommend SFAC Stick…Put all competition parts & adapter & your set!


Te ftw!


Get a Mayflash/Paewang Revolution stick and mod it with all Sanwa or Seimitsu. Then it works on PS3, PS2, Xbox 360 (with converter) and PC including Mame. It’s a great Mame stick because it has an 8-button layout so you have 6 buttons for Capcom fighters and 4-wide for SNK fighters. It also has two extra buttons on the top (next to the turbo fuctions) which work great for coin-in and player 1 start. I use the top right button (#8) as pause and it is easy to hit without having to search for it.

It’s not the easiest stick to mod, but even with the upgrades it’s still cheaper than a Mad Catz and has better Mame fuction due to the extra buttons. It also works on a wider variety of consoles, so it’s a better “only stick” to have if that’s an issue.

Reaching for the keyboard to hit pause tends to make for life bar shrinkage, or death in a shmup.


Go into the User Settings and configure your pause button to be a combination of 2 buttons, just press them both simultaneously. I have my pause as RB + Start, and my tab menu as RB + Back for even less keyboard reaching.


Thanks, that’s a great idea. I’m going to keep my pause button as is since I use it often (to take a sip of beer) but I always wanted one more button for the Tab menu and now I’ll set it to be a combination.


Keep your pause button as is, and also add a combination button command. My keyboard letter P is still also pause.


Through USB?


He means the Mayflash PS2/PS3 PCB, not the Paewang PS3/360 PCB.