Best stick for MvC2?

What is the most realistic stick to use to practice MvC2 and 3S on?

lol, realistic? just buy a MAS dude.

Real Arcade Pro Playstation Hori.


if your getting a MAS get a p360 and convex buttons with that too

Why do these kinds of question always come up? Basically, to play the games, you should use whatever stick you want to use. Are you asking which commercial stick is best for the games? Well it depends on whether you like Japanese or American parts. Have you played at an arcade? If so, maybe you will be more used to US parts.

This is a paramount thread to figure out what is what for arcade parts.

Paik4life’s sanwa/seimitsu FAQ

No one can tell you which kind of stick you will like better, you will have to try some out and see whether or not you like the feel of the joystick and buttons. The point is, there isn’t one stick that will be best for any game, once you decide what is comfortable for you, then that is what you use.

sorry i only use sticks in my imagination, never realistic.

If you want something realistic don’t get the VSHG because it’s “Virtual” minus the “L.”

Also, avoid Innovation’s Dream Connection II converter. This adapter only allows you to plug a PlayStation arcade stick into your imagination.