Best stick for PC?

well just recently started playing Street Fighter again(forgot how fun it was:looney:).

Been using my X-Arcade solo for the past few days, works fine since I just play on MAME, but I want a top quality stick. I’ve been reading and it seems the HRAP3 is my best option at the moment, but I dont wanna throw down another $100 on a stick until im sure.

So, should I pre-order an HRAP3, or is there a better pc compatible stick?

Had to many bad experiences from madcatz, I refuse to buy anymore of their products. =/

ok then go with or a custom builder from the forums

I use the HRAP 3 for MAME on my PC. Works great, was plug n play and required a little fiddling with MAME’s control panel to set the buttons right.

I switched out the Hori buttons for Sanwa snapins and haven’t looked back. In fact I’m very tempted to buy another one for friends to use.

Added bonus is that it’ll work for a PS3 when I finally decide to buy one.