Best stick for the Dreamcast?

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Yeah, this might belong in the hardware section. :sweat: But either way, the best non-custom stick is without a doubt the Agetec Official DC Stick, or as people love to call it, “the Greengoblin.” Your best bet for finding one of these is on ebay.

Green goblin (Agetec stick)

agetec, and this other japanese stick with a large base and pink/green buttons. its called “arcade stick” its good.

but the dc has become all but obsolete now that you can play all games on ps2 now except for marvel.

Is the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on Xbox not considered ‘arcade perfect’? I own both xbox and DC versions, but I don’t really play them.

xbox version is shitty.

As is the PS2 version of CvS2. It has infinites and other things.

the ps2 version of cvs2 is arcade perfect, what are you talking about? the xbox/gamecube versions are the shitty ones.

Perhaps I am wrong, in that case mybad. I just could have sworn the PS2 version had some issues. But I may have been confusing that somehow with the Xbox and GC versions with the removal of roll cancels. Sorry. :sad:

PS2 version has roll cancels.

Don’t mean to highjack the thread, but failing getting the best arcade stick for the Dreamcast, say you have a HRAP (PS2) what is the best adapter for zero-lag and good button config to use HRAP + Dreamcast?

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Hell FUCK yeah. I got one for christmas back when import GGX came out for dc in Japan, and DAMN, best stick, in and out of arcades EVER.

Agetec? no fucking way.

the best stock DC stick is the ASCII Stick FT. it’s optical, and the buttons don’t randomly jam.

The best version of CvS2 is the DC version, same for MvC2. They’re pretty much arcade perfect, unlike 3S. My DC is still hooked up and still sees regular play.
As for the stick, the Ascii oe is really good, but a bit too “clicky” for my tastes. I use my X-Arcade or PS2 Saturn pads via an adapter most of the time.

Where could you get the ascii stick ft?

it’s very hard to find those sticks. to be honest i just got lucky with mine.

cvs2 ps2…is ghey…if you cant feel the difference then yes you are a noob…DC is the best port of cvs2

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