Best Stick In Wurld!

iam new and inspried by all the custom sticks i have see on this site. iam also inspired by the muds. now i set out to have best stick in Wurld!!! what to do??

this ones pretty rad

or you could try using that evolutionary advanced brain of yours and do a little research.

Epic Win OP!

Download gamefaqs.exe

today is May 1… enough said


I’d go with the HRAP SA

I can’t even…

and there is no wonder 09ers have a bad rep. I shoulda joined this place straight away when i found it a few years ago.


im 2 wanting 2 know wut iz the kewlest fightstick in the wurld!


i love that line

I’d like to add that I to am inspired by the muds.

sorry for confusetion but enough said is tooo much when i already say


thanks for stay on topic. very nice stick but cant read language:wasted:

The HRAP3-SA is a (JP) exclusive using full Sanwa parts. Their (2nd?) production for May 1st are already fully reserved. Your best bet for a HRAP3 SA now is to look in auction. Or you can just get a regular HRAP3 (MSRP for $99 and you can get one on eBay for ~$180 now) and swap out the Hori buttons for Sanwa ones (the joystick is already the same Sanwa model).

I put on my robe and my wizard hat

dis guy has best stick:

All the sticks in this thread are pretty awesome

inspired by the muds…thats pretty hilarious…havent seen anyone spell “wurld” like that since the 90’s.

Personally, this is my favorite stick.\racquets\RWL546b.jpg

But honestly, I’m surprised OP hasn’t heard of the letters TE…