Best stick on the market?

I know this is very generic but im finally thinking bout buying a stick so can anyone guide me by telleing me wich is the most recommended/best stick on the market right now? and that can adapt to all the platforms ( xbox, ps2,xbox 360,ps3 and pc )

Also can anyone telle me how or by who I can make custom sticks?

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Here’s some quick info for you while I’m at it anyway:

Uhm, no out-of-the-box stick will work on all of those consoles. The problem is the Xbox 360; Microsoft will not allow any multiple-console functionality, and there was only one converter (PS2 to this) ever made for it but it had way too much lag to be usable, and I believe it’s been given the cease-and-desist by Microsoft now anyway.

With a PS1/PS2 stick, you can get adapters for all of the other ones, making it the best simple choice. (See the converter thread for that.) You can get into crazier stuff with either custom-built arcade sticks or customized modding jobs on commercial ones that involve the guts of multiple controllers and multiple wires either inside the main box or in separate, little “project” boxes, but you’ll have to decide whether or not you’re willing to go there.

Your best bet for a PS2 stick is some type of HRAP (Hori Real Arcade Pro), or a custom. If you get a HRAP, you may consider upgrading some of its components at a later time, but that’s probably another story for another day. If you have a strong preference to American-style stuff, custom or a MAS Systems’ stick.

To buy a custom stick: Check the Trading Outlet subforum. Every builder has their own thread, and I believe there’s even a sticky related specifically to your interests. Actually, there’s always a few HRAP’s in there as well.

Biggest piece of advice I can give you: if you’re looking for really cheap, it ain’t happening. Or at least, anything you can buy for really cheap will not be worth using at all. Sounds pessimistic, I know, but we are a niche market after all. You really do get what you pay for.

Hope that helps!

To further expound on the cheapness issue, my recent experience with a cheap stick, the HORI Soul Calibur IV Stick–which is the same as a HORI Fighting Stick 3–has not been good. I’ve owned it barely 3 weeks and it has died on me. I should have picked up a HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 instead as the quality is much higher and I could have put that initial $50 towards the good stick.

Now I’m without a stick for the time being and having big time VF5 withdrawals and I will NOT go back to playing with the dualshock…:looney:

As far as the best/most recommended, in my opinion, you could go with a HORI Real Arcade Pro or might as well bite the bullet and try to order a custom. I really couldn’t find any other alternatives as far as good quality NEW sticks other than those two options.

Thank you very much deadfrog you really opended my eyes up on sticks, and thanks dtampinco for the suggestion.

Im having my eyes on this one HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 2 and buying xbox,ps3 and pc adapters for it, and trying to get picture cusomization on this particular stick, ima have to search alot to find a builders that customizes hraps 2’s.

question, I know american and japaneses sticks is a matter of preference but does anyone of you have a better time then with one or the other?

2: i have seen the trading outlet but is there people that takes customization requests? like puting whatever i tell the person to put on the stick?

For me, the Japanese style is a bit easier to use, more sensitive and comfortable, I don’t have to put as much effort into pushing buttons and doing dashes with the joystick. Although back in the day that was easy to do on the American as well, but maybe that was due to the sticks and buttons being on a cabinet, so it was pretty inert and stable.

As far as your own art? Yes those guys do that all the time. Although if your going to do that on a HRAP2, it’s most likely a sticker of some sort put on top of the metal, some people have done it where it looks pretty much factory made but then if you want to change it, you have get another sticker and cut to fit again which can be a pain.

The way most guys do it on custom sticks is that they put lexan or plexiglass on top of wood or metal so you can unscrew the lexan and just put the art in between. The lexan is also sufficiently recessed into the box so that the lexan doesn’t cut into your wrists as you play. You still have pop of the buttons and cut holes into the art but at least its a lot easier to position than a sticker.

Hope that helps.

you helped me alot man, now im set

Good luck! :tup: