Best stick option for all next gen compatibility

I was looking for input for what should be the best route for me if I was looking for a stick I can use with PS3, x360 and wii. I own a PS3 and a wii and play a lot of SF4, and i recently got into playing some TvC on my wii. I was also hoping to have one that is able to connect for the 360 for the occasions of tournaments or casuals.

I was thinking of going for the Mayflash that is PS3/PS2/PC operable and modding it with sanwa parts, and buying adapters to utilize my other systems. However, I heard modding it is quite the task and I don’t know if I have the ability to do it because I have little to no soldering experience. If necessary I’m up to the task of doing it and learning to solder, but if there’s a better route then I’d love to hear them.

If you can’t solder and/or mod then pay someone to do it. I think getting a 360 stick and adding a MC cthulhu is your best option tbh. Or just get 2 sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a Joytron/Datel stick (Mayflash based) as those are dual console already.

Doesn’t he want it to work on Wii as well?

My tutorial may be the best option.

Go to the FAQ’s and Tutorials sticky on Tech Talk. Download the spiffyshack, and follow that. Pretty much, it’s a tutorial on how to wire a ps1 dualshock without soldering. The ps1 dualshock also has the widest range of compatibility, and you can easily get cheap working adapters for PS3 and Wii, and there are workarounds for the 360. That’s what I do. I have a controller that works for PS3, Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, and can get adapters for almost any console.

This has really intrigued me. I myself have no soldering experience, but I really want to make my PS3 TE stick have PS1 support. If I have a PS1 controller, take the PCB from it, use this solderless method to wire the PCB to the buttons and stick, I’ll be able to have a PS3 stick that also has PS1 support?

I also took a glimpse at ShinJn’s video on Youtube about the Solderless method. Is this the same thing?

You will have to make sure of 3 additional things,

The PS1 controller must be common ground.
You must link the voltage from the PS1 PCB to the TE PCB Voltage
You must link the common ground from the PS1 PCB to the TE PCB Common Ground.

You must also know that you should never have two systems plugged into the same stick at once with this.

You could always make it a ps2 stick, then get the following:

PS2 to xb360 converter:

ps2 to ps3 converter:

As for wii I’m not sure what the best option is, but I did find this:

The Best: AIAB

Arcade in a box. Is a good option. But if you feel like you want your own touch find someone to make it like someone mentioned.

As someone that’s done the solderless hack and many soldered hacks, honestly the solderless hack is a pain in the ass. It takes me a lot less time just to do a normal soldered hack.

Plus with the solderless hack, you need a specific type of PS1 pad.

I just wanted to throw this out as a caution for those who read “solderless” and think “easy.”

You’ve got a lot of options. PS1 digital or a PS1 spiffyshoes A series hack has a lot of converter options. A dual modded Multiconsole Cthulu with a 360 pad is a great option because you have PS1, 360 AND PS3 support with out having to worry about adapters. Also, project boxes. Wire all of your inputs to a DB25 socket, and hack every pad you want with wires going from the contacts to the project box. It’s easy and clean, but it’s also a lot of tedious labor. But it own’t leave you out in the cold when new controllers or systems come out.

Just to reiterate this. Even with a ‘solderless’ controller you will still need to link VCC/power when dual modding. This is not one of the solderless pins.

I agree that the solderless hack is a pain. I now groan when I open a controller and realize it’s the solderless kind. It’s very doable though if you’re the patient type.

Meh, I’ve done two sticks with solderless hacks, and it’s not too bad as long as YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MATERIALS. That means the right wire, and a hot glue gun. Patience helps too, but once I had all the right stuff and wasn’t trying to use the wrong wire and adhesive, it came together really easy. From there you can get an adapter to make it work for anything. The PS1 dualshock controller you are looking for is the one with the transparent casing. All of those you can do a solderless hack on. You should be able to find some for cheap on ebay or amazon. Make sure you order a roll of 26 gauge unthreaded solid wire, and get a real good wire stripper (I thing 24 might work too, as long as it’s not threaded). The hot glue gun holds stuff in place once it’s all in, just make sure you test it before gluing.

a ps2 stick + various converters is probably the easiest universal stick.

agreed with this. it’s annoying and a waste of time. soldering is easy to learn and you can get a cheap soldering gun from radioshack that will do the trick. not to mention if you’re going to dual mod for 360 then you’re going to have to solder anyways.

I would normally opt to directly get a PS2 stick, particularly the Hori, but its rather hard/expensive to obtain. At the price I thought i might as well do AIAB.

I’d like the idea of going with a PS1 padhack, but I don’t see myself using older consoles all that much, let alone the PS2 very frequently.

Are there any general negatives if I went the route with the Mayflash?

Double post

hahaha, i’m the opposite of most of you, i LOVE the solderless hack! those are the ones that i save for my stick builds :stuck_out_tongue: i sell the ones that i solder cuz they are easier to test for me. keeping on topic though, the PS-DS1 option is THE best option. multiple converters, easily accessible, cheaper (price wise), etc…