Best stick that's closest to 90s USA arcade sticks?

Hello everyone,

I just purchased SF2 HD for the 360 and some joystick with Soul Caliber characters on the cover. The joystick is driving me crazy going in only a square direction. I can’t even throw fireballs. I also don’t like the circular top of the joystick, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Would I need a joystick with a circular restrictor, or is octagon what the arcades used?

What’s the best arcade stick I can buy that’s closest to early 90s US arcade? I don’t want to order custom parts and build it myself. That looks like way too much work. I don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars on one.


dont quote me on this but , You can probably just switch out the restrictor on the joystick, if its the soul caliber joystick thats like the hori ex2

i personally need to switch out my octagon for a square type… its soley preferance i suppose.

If you have a couple of hundred to spend and don’t want to mess with DIY then get an Arcade-In-A-Box stick. The only problem is that with the release of SFIV there may be a little waiting involved.

There are no American sticks made for this generation of consoles, especially the 360. You want something with genuine Happ parts. Believe me, when you get a hold of what you’re after you’ll be very happy compared to what you have now.

Closest thing to the 90’s USA sticks? How about the same exact sticks that are still being used today? Happ competition/P360

if its a Hori, replacing the restriction gate is easy, anyone could do… It would be up to you to figure out if you want octagonal or smooth circle. really though, the octagon feels very circular. You could also just swap out the ball top with a bat-style. those 2 mods to the EX2 alone might make it fell exactly how you want it to.

IL Eurostick w/ whatever convex buttons you like (Happ, Sanwa, Seimitsu, IL).

i would use concave buttons if you want the exact 90s arcade feel and a IL stick.

If you want EXACTLY like the early nineties you will need to go with a Happ Super joystick. I don’t think comps were around during the World Warrior or CE days, but correct me if I’m wrong.

If you don’t want to build it yourself, then it’s

A little pricey though, but you will get the exact same parts you remember from US arcades.

To me it’s worth it because I’m paying to relive my childhood, in a way. If you are just looking for a controller to play a few fighting games, it’s probably going to sound expensive.

Thanks everyone. I would buy from, but the 6-8 week wait list is crazy. Unless there are other companies doing this, I’ll have to figure out how to mod it myself.

I think you will be happy getting a modded SFAC…They have Happ stick/buttons like they had in the arcades…Here’s mine…

Everything Happ has ever made sucked. The good comps were just rebranded IL Eurosticks. The good 360s had Wico/independently made pcbs.

I ordered an IL/Eurostick & HappComp & didn’t see a difference at all…The only thing is that the IL/Eurostick had bigger tabs so i couldn’t use some of my hack PCBs as the QDs were to small…

Well Happ technically doesn’t actually make anything, do they? Everything is from foreign manufacturers.

The MS’s were .250s instead of the usual .187. I had the same issues so I just replaced the MS’s with regular cherry switches (.187).

Yep, this is the journey I went on when there wasn’t even a huge wait for them.

That’s what I did as well. These sticks feel perfect when modded. Read over this tutorial and see if you feel comfortable with it.

get one from arcadeinabox.