Best Stick to mod for 360?

Hello all,

I am pretty new the the srk community and I am in the process of looking for a stick to buy. I am very sorry if there is another thread around that explains all this, I have looked through a few and have not been able to find the answer.

What is the best stick to mod for 360? I have been looking on ebay for a stick to buy and I see a few things. There are TONS of SFIV SE sticks for sale, and some DOA and some SCIV 360 sticks. My question is, which is the best stick to mod? I would be replacing the buttons stick and artwork. Is there one that easier than the others or is more compatible with more parts than others? Any information would be great.

The thought of a custom stick that I put some work into sounds great to me. I am nowhere near the skill level of building one from scratch, but I am definitely up to and excited to mod one.

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Please share your thoughts.

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The hori ex2 and DOA sticks should not cost you more than $50. Everything is overpriced right now because of SFIV hype. Two months ago used ones were going around $25. I would pay the premium price of a Madcatz SE so you dont need to buy tools and got a stick thats easy to mod. All you will need are the parts and a screwdriver:)

I have about five arcade sticks and actually prefer my modded hori ex2 over some of the others but you need a lot of tools soldering iron, wire, buttons, maybe even a dremel. Overall its pretty easy but please dont pay over $50. Its a great experience if you want to learn about how to build sticks.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex already has the Sanwa JLF arcade stick stock so all you would have to do is add the buttons which will cost you around $30 extra. That stick is around $180 so thats kinda expensive but will be fun to play with right out of the box.

As for the Madcatz sticks they are very mod friendly. I modded mine with Sanwa parts. Its overpriced thats for sure. (again sfIV hype) Check in your local area. I see some around here going for $100 for xbox360 thats not to bad. You will still need to add the Sanwa stick and buttons which will cost you another $60 with shipping. Any you will have to wait about 2 weeks for the parts.

It all depends on how bad you want to get started modding one. If your patient I am sure in a month things will calm down so will the prices. Madcatz has already stated not to pay for overpriced sticks on ebay becasue more are on there way. Honestly read as much as you can on this site. I know its overwhelming at first but the arcade stick market is small and there are only really a few manufacturers it just depends on how anxious you are to get your game on.

This guy speaks truth… I wish I could rep. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally would recommend avoiding the EX2… they are modifiable, but as madgrab has mentioned, they aren’t the simplest mod to do. I’ve got a pooched one here, and it’s truly a pain the ass to work with.
A certain saying comes to mind: the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten.

Some places like sell Madcatz SE upgrade kits, that are basically just drop in replacements. I’d advise you to go that route, but shop diligently for a reasonable price on the stick.

If you have experience soldering and have a soldering iron available, get the EX2.

If not, get the SE or HRAP EX. Or god forbid if you find a TE at retail… get that.