Best Stick To Mod for PS3 and 360

Hi, I wanted to mod a stick to work for PS3 and 360, and it would be nice to have PC and PS2 support as well, and was wondering the preferred stick for such a task. From my reading it seems that something like the Mad Catz Tournament Edition Stick for 360 modded with a TE Kitty Kit ( would be the easiest. It seems that there is no soldering or anything involved, which much simplifies the process.

Sorry if there has been a similar topic, I did a quick search and didn’t find an exact answer for my question, so I wanted to be sure I had the right idea and be sure that kit was the right one for the Mad Catz TE stick before I dropped the dollars on them.

that kit is the right one

Awesome, thanks. Hopefully I’ll have this baby here and set-up by the end of next week then :slight_smile:

Make sure that if you get a TE-S or are unsure, just get the additional TE-S kitty harnes. I think the MLG might be using the new TE-S PCB. The pins are slightly different. Better ask Toodles what you need.