Best Stick with less Throw possible for SHUMPS?


Im looking for the awesome Suzo 500 , but cant find it anywhere.

I love the short Throw for SHUMPS.

What do you recomend me? I have three LS-32 Seimitsu, but I want to upgrade at least one of them.



LS/58 with octogate


LS-58 has a larger throw distance than Ls-32 , and larger engage point …

Do you mean with “Kowal Short Throw Mod” ?



Normaly LS-56 With Kowal Short Throw mod + Octogate or IL Magnetic


Buy a MAGENTA stick from paradise arcade shop. You can then tweak the sensitivity to your liking. You can even adjust all right directions independently.

You could take it further by tweaking the sensitivity for up to four different games using the saveable profiles.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
Im from europe, so… $34.25 in shippment is a lot !! I cant buy from ParadiseArcadeShop.



LS-58 has an engage distance of 4mm. I thought the LS-32 had an engage distance of 5mm…


I think I will buy the ls-58 as suggested with the Mod for Short Throw :slight_smile:

Thanks to all !!! :slight_smile:


No and no…LS-58 along with any variant (with same microswitches) has the fastest engagement of all japanese sticks, believe me…it’s way too sensitive.

I didn’t mean Kowal short throw mod, i mean the original Seimitsu octogate for LS-56/58/etc. But if you prefer square gate, sure, you can give Kowal mod a try.


I like the following, especially the 8 way gate for schmups. I haven’t tried it with the short throw mod, it’s pretty sensitive as is. You can put a square ls-56 gate if you want a square gate.


It’s an LS56/58/… stick with a LS-32 shaft but much shorter. Btw both octo and square are 8 way gates.


Even the best players swear by the LS32s for shmups, if it’s good enough for them why wouldn’t be the same for everyone else? LS32 all the way.


I agree LS32 or LS62 if you want short throw.


I ended purchasing an ls-56 with octogate and the Kowal short throw mod…
I didnt see the ls-62 suggestion before my purchase, maybe it was a better deal…

Thanks all for your answers!


Is the same that i put two week ago in my Qanba Q1 i am thinking to change the spring to 2lb or 4lb


I use that same stick, mod, and gate in my arcade stick.


I don´t know if i have to put one more LS-56 spring stick with two stick or one spring Sanwa 4LB force