Best "stock" stick for PS2?

I was in the market for a PS2 stick and came across this old article from Gamer20

Here are the ratings:

[]Official Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick 8/10
]Pelican Real Arcade Univeral 6.5/10
[]Tekken Tenth Anniversary Stick 9/10
]X-Arcade 4/10
[*]MAS Systems Super PRO.STICK 9.5/10

Care to agree/disagree?

So is the MAS systems super pro stick the best “stock” stick for PS2?

Here’s another arcade stick ranking, courtesy of MarkMan.

I don’t see how you could go wrong with a HRAP2

Only problem with these sticks are that most are out of stock and usually go for a lot more than retail price with the exception of Mas Pro stick, which is reasonably priced at $100ish.

Has anyone ordered from lately? I’m not a big fan of their ordering system, and their website was last updated in May 11, 2001 O_o

Theres a lot of hrap2 SA’s on ebay, 200 dollars though =/ though I imagine there is the added value of being able to use it with several other systems via an adapter,

lol… at those prices you might as well just make a stick, its not that hard too do.

they have hella tutorials on this site / forums that tell you step by step…

im currently on my 3rd one as we speak.

You can pick up a T5 pretty cheap. I bought one and have been pretty happy with it so far. The only reason you would need to upgrade it (unless for tournament play) is if the parts go out.

True. I tried looking through several of the threads of custom joystick resellers, but all of them were backordered for several weeks/months.