Best Street Fighter Game

Wich One Is Your Favorite?

yay for cvs2!

Third Strike is the ONLY Street Fighter game in the poll, so the answer is pretty obvious :tup:

some good as logic

It’s all about CvS2. Make… no… mistake.

Super Turbo!

I Ditto-fy that Response…

Third Strike hands down.

3rd Strike! Duh! :looney:

what? :xeye:

What? :wonder:

CvS2 I would say.

3s & no cuestion 'bout it!!! jijijij

Super Turbo!!! then 3s/a3 tie

CFE and CvS2 are wayyyyyyy down at the bottom with A1 and SF:the movie.

SF:the movie??? Ouch!

What he said.

3rd Strike is the only SF game on the poll, but I would’ve picked it anyways even if you put the other SF games.

You said it. Third Strike wins in my book.

Other is another qualification for a street fighter game. So the actual options are 3s and other.


…I can’t end my post with all caps and I can’t think of anything else to add so you get this sentence.

Super Turbo damn it. And second impact was way better than 3rd strike.