Best super art for noob hugo player

i was just wondering on which super art should i use untill till i get better with hugo

hammer mountain…

thanks man


Listen to him, he knows his stuff :tup:

Didn’t want to make a new thread for this, and I can’t find the answer anywhere.

How do you do the Hugo/Poison taunt on the PS2?

I know this is a dumb question, but I can’t find anyone who can answer it, and all the FAQs are for the arcade version.

Up + FP + FK.

R2 + Up


Use Gigas Breaker if you’re afraid of fucking up a hit confirm and eating mondo damage.

gigas breaker isn’t good for a hugo noob because it’ll come out on wake up for them.

Hammer frenzy would be your best bet because you can throw it out and hit at least 2.

I used Gigas Breaker from the get-go. If you can do the 720 motion, I don’t see why you’d use any other super, tbh. Once you get better, you find more places to land it and shit, but yeah, it’s fun!

sa3 is more versatile than sa1. learn to use both. dont’ be a one sided hugo player.

I find Gigas better to use against the characters that are used more often (Shoto’s, Makoto, Urien etc). Wait for the parry then bam!

Hammer frenzy I use against everyone else or with opponants I’m not familier with :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Hammer Frenzy vs. Dudley. Dudley is way too slippery to find a lot of chances to get him with Gigas. It’s very easy for him to make you whiff SA1 and lose any sort of scare factor vs. him.

sa3 is always better than sa1.

invincible startup let’s hugo get out of tons of shit that would be impossible with sa1.

aegis setups. reversal sa3 > aegis.
ryu denjin setups sa3 > denjin.
cheap: do hammer frenzy on opponents wakeup. invincible startup prevents reversal everything, and it does sufficient chip to be useful.

additionally you can psychic super lots of things, which just doesn’t work with gigas.

Also note that hammer frenzy provides more bar, this lets you do more low short xx ex lariats, clap clap ex lariats stun combos without hindering your threat of super. It also gives you crossup splash low jab low jab xx hammer mountain. If you use crossup splash as a gigas setup it’s escapable.

Lastly, people play around gigas if you have it stocked, it changes their fighting style, and any decent player is never going to get hit by gigas.

This is exactly why Gigas is good.

What are you talking about? People say this about RD too. Maybe any decent player won’t get hit by a scrub using gigas, but not a skilled player using gigas. Why would Hayao and YSB use Gigas at all if skilled players could always avoid gigas. Decent players will never get hit by stungun headbutt, but they do get hit by gigas.

Everyone gets hit by gigas. One frame startup, carnales.

True, but a whiffed Gigas Breaker is safer than a blocked Hammer Mountain, but that isn’t saying much. Gigas Breaker whiff is just his regular command throw whiff which is still an eternity.

you can delay hammer mountain. this gives you a free grab setup, and is much safer than either blocked hammer mountain and whiffed gigas.

Hell no. Smart players grab you out of a delayed hammer or they just combo the shit out of you during the recovery from running. I don’t know who you play with, but I get smacked for trying that shit.