Best super art?

I like SAI one myself, since it gives you 3 short stocks for EX moves, and since most of her moves are parry bait, it’s nice to be able to get them out faster.

I think all of her supers are great; I sometimes have a tough time deciding, heh heh. I like using SA1 most of the time as well, doesn’t take long to build up and does a considerable amount of damage. Good for her EX moves as well.

Depends I guess. I use SA I mostly, but I’m gonna try getting used to SA II.
SA III, hands down, IS HER BEST SUPER! Max it out, knockdown someone & then HEALING and your opponent goes Shit, here we go again!
Actually IMO if you’re gonna use SA III, you’d better make sure you’re confident with your skills with this angel or are OK in playing with her at least.

The problem with SAIII, is that it’s one long meter which means:

A) You won’t have much stock for EX moves
B) You won’t get to use it that often

This works fine against some characters, but for characters like Yun who just rush you down constantly, it’s not gonna do you much good since you won’t be able to build any meter.

Well in that case maybe one should be a rush-down or turtling Elena player, what’s your say?

SAIII healing you use the flip to overshoot and runaway?)
2.turtle( and parry)
3.chip(grab and poke or build meter)

SAII. That is all. Hit confirm. Lots of stock for EX. Done.

Unless you want to play fucking retarded and do what everyone is saying above with healing, use Brave Dance. Don’t play turtle Elena, it makes people want to not play with you and shoot you in the face. And not like a oh he’s too good way, but like a look at this scrub who doesn’t know how to play way.

Anyways, like Kyo said, if you’re playing against anyone decent, against most characters, it won’t work to well once they start pressuring you.

if they don’t know how to counter it then its thier problem. I don’t see people getting mad when they use shippu.

SAIII ‘might’ be viable against certain characters, but after seeing Wilson/Combofiend in action, I probably have to agree about SAII. It does some very nice damage, and it’s easy to hit confirm.

Hell, Elena doesn’t look like all that bad a character. She held her own against Ken very nicely in the vids I saw.
Where is she on the Japanese tier list?

Mid-Low? :stuck_out_tongue: j/k
Well I know this is off topic, but when should I use her :l::db::qcf:+:k:?

Lhino holn? When people are attemting crossup, on its own agains opponent on the ground i´ts really unsafe.

Elena is like the middest of the mid-tier characters. People should really play her more.

I’ve never understood why anyone would use SAI. SAII is just better, all around. Building meter isn’t exactly a problem for Elena, so who cares if the bar is a little longer? I mean I guess if you want to like, do a wakeup super, SAI might be better, but first of all, that’s dumb, and second of all, she already has a dragon punch anyway, so it’s even dumber. And SAIII is kinda dumb too; not only do you lose the damage that a hit-confirmed super will do, but you also lose the damage that her crazy ex combos will do, because if you do an ex combo you lose your bar. Not only that, but against any character with any mobility at all, you have to cancel it before you get back the max amount of health you can get, which isn’t that much in the first place!

So, anyway. Pick SAII.

The main problem with Elena from what I’ve seen so far, is that she’s parry bait.
I guess her and Oro are in the same boat. Oro is upper-mid, but no one uses him either.

Elena is Mid & Oro is High

Oro is high cause he can out poke ken and his saII and SAIII combos and unblockables are insane in the membrane
Elena is mid because she is out poked by ken and chun(but who isn’t)
and her hit-confirmable move can be high or low blocked and high or low parried
and her hit confirmable move does NOT connect to super when done at every distance under the sun, like chun’s is
she is kept afloat by b-hk, her kara(which is bitchin good)

as far as her being parry bait that is because you are being predictable, elena has several two hitting moves with different parry timing, mp,hp-hk,mk-c.hp, and so keep these unabused and at your disposal, for when your opp is going to parry and throw, your hk and b-hk are technically off the ground so you will be able to survive that, but they won’t make that mistake again

Ok well have fun, as soon as you play someone better than your local players who you can just jump around on you might want to learn how to play a solid Elena.

I love the first one!The third one,pretty cool,but leaves her completly vulnerable.But it could have the best potential if it healed her full health!

The Second One is pretty tricky to land,the oppenent could just block the first kick,and it will totally mess up the super combo!:tdown:

How is it hard to land? It sounds like you’re just doing it out of the blue.
It cancels very easily from any of her medium pokes.
And I mean’t Oro and Elena were in the same boat in that no one uses them even though they’re solid characters.
I’m aware that Oro is higher on the tier list.

Elena, Sean, 12 (maybe), Ibuki & Oro- The underplayed sigh