Best tagger,in your opinion

Alright i just decided to open this thred up and was wondering what is “your” top hmmm let’s say 5 taggers in all of IMM.Be honest about how you feel and post up your top 5.

And you cannot put yourself in there,only other taggers.

Mine are:
1::TMT:: (He inspired me to do avatars,you the man bro.)
2:Soul Ebelius

I’d have to go with nero as #1. He’s damn versatile; he can do almost anything you throw at him and make it class.

My top 3 list looks like this…

  1. nero
  2. blackadde
  3. Kamesama
  4. Giga
  5. Soul Ebelius

All people who are better than me. :smiley:

I don’t have any ranking, but my top 5 IMM taggers of all time are:

BV, Nro, Kame, EEK, and Blackadde.

BV’s always been one of my favorites. I remember oh so long ago when a lot of the newer taggers weren’t around, I saw him start the first Showcase Thread. tear Those were the days.

Nro has one of the most complete vector styles around. When he makes something you know it’ll be 100% and it’ll be great.

Kame, him too. I remember the first couple Showcase Threads he would frequently post up his works which often included backgrounds with radial blurs. But now look at him, he’s really stepped it up into a great tagger. Gotta love his work.

EEK is/was the great animated image master. I specifically remember one av/tag he made where he took a still picture and made the girl’s hair move and wave. That was great. And it’s great to see him around.

Blackadde always has great work and is pretty much the only one here (I’m not saying the only one) in IMM that uses 3D in his works. It gives another outlook on image editing for others who aren’t familiar with 3D, not to mention he does his work well. I especially liked that Jesus tag that he made for PenPen.

Some people don’t frequent IMM anymore, but here’s my general list-

Blackadde Nro Kame Shin Kairi

Mike has always been tight, but it seems like Nro/Kame/SK have really stepped up their game in the past few months.

Interesting stuff guys,really different opinions here.

  1. Hadoken King
    2.Soul Ebelius
    3.Ninja Gaiden| (I liked his stuff, even if he did rip)

Everyone here has their own distinct style, so that’s cool. Someday I’ll join the ranks of SRK worthy artists.

ah…all of them are very good…mines are

  1. :TMT:
  2. Liquid Child (made the best av i have EVER seen)
  3. Soul E
  4. Uber_Kaiser
  5. Asian Demon

1- Blackadde (way nasty stuff) / Kamesama(gotten way too good for his health)
both: always makin me cry about my skill level ;[

3- BV5 (i always looked up at his style and created something simular to it for my own)

4- ::TMT:: (i love his tech and space)

5- NRO (i feel bad cuz he got beat up by big bad Gigz)

OMG please dont kill me… :depress:

wow i’m mentioned, i feel loved :slight_smile: (haven’t posted in awhile…maybe i’ll make another request thread dunno)

my list

4.EEK (omg i miss him so much, i love you EEK)

Ofcourse you’re mentioned bud,you make some awsome work straight up.I guess i ain’t a "top five"guy yet,i’m surprised.


lol don’t worry man your on my list…but since its only 5 i just listed the people who inspired me back when i first started…actually all of them still do.

and the reason i haven’t posted here in awhile because i really don’t make AV’s & Tag’s no more (unless a request) i focus on my larger art…gonna be going to art school soon aswell

Nice man,that’s cool well best of luck on your art school,hope that goes good for you bro.And you know me iv’e been around longer then any of these newer guys(seth,mokoto,tetsuaka&others).I’m trying to push up my level higher with some new shit tho.

yous guys should give ur top 5 of the taggers that are actually still making avatars/tags at srk…because half of these guys that are on these lists i dont even know of and havent seen work from:(

Psycho Squall
Orange Megaslide
Blodia Vulcan 5

Foshizzle did dope shit too.

I don’t know 5.


umm…no bud…this is about top five taggers PERIODE…not top five fav recent taggers

non of the new taggers (including myself) are even close to as good as the origanal taggers…we have lots or work to do to step up to there level

Woah Great thread ton!

My top 5…

  1. Hadoken King…

This man inspired me so much…he motivated me into making avs…It’s because of him that i’m in this forum as of now.

  1. Tonbarry…

My mentor…what can i say…this guy has critiqued my every work that i’ve possibly done. I respect his work above all…Hell…he’s the only tagger in this forum that’s made 3 request lines ^^.

  1. Mojo Makoto/4 day Ibuki…

Woah…this man is one CRAZY MUDDAH TRUCKAH! This guy has been doing avs for as long as 1 month…and he has excelled so much faster than i have. His avs have so much personality in them…Pure poetry in motion.

All the others I really like but these top 3 have made a soft spot in my mind…

  1. Hybrid Fury
  2. Seth

I don’t frequent this forum much, but from what i seen.

Blaze or blaze23 something like that. i don’t see him here anymore.


TG ( made my first av ever)

That kamewhatver his name is.


1: Seth (his always pulled threw for me on making all kinds of shit!)
2: tonbarry ( I dig your old school stuff Team Fantasy is cool but your older stuff in my view is just eye candy )
3: Hadoken King ( If you want a pimp sprite Avatar this is the man )
4: Blodia Vulcan ( Hands down makes the best animated avatars ever )
5: Whoever made RoninChaos new PC avatar.

Do many good artist here it’s astounding. Keep up the great work guys.