Best taunts that make people mad online?

sometimes when im goofing around i just like to piss people off with taunts, so what do u guys think are the best taunts that make people rage and go crazy?

i like Ken’s number 10 in english and Sagat’s number 5 in Japanese is great too.
also Rog’s number 6 is gold

Standing still.

in terms of taunts that annoy me, Kens yawn i guess is the only one that really irks me, but not enough to make me do stupid things, it’s only really annoying when one of those SRK heavy Kens gets a slight lead

lol ken’s taunt one is awesome, even more awesome when u do it after they wiff an ultra. u can almost feel someone rage when they nonstop attack u after a taunt. overall ken’s got some of the best taunts in the game

All of Bison’s taunts. Including his Focus Attack animation, which is also a taunt.

Sagat #5 is a god-taunt

Vega laughing… pisses me off.

#9 taunt for Chun: “Your skills just aren’t good enough.” and #2 (Chun yawns)

Dan #9

ken has a lot of good ones

I really like Chun Li PA 1 (“Sorry”)
-timing needs some work
-are you feeling ok

Blanka 1

most of akumas are lame.

Sagat’s number 5 in japanese is too awesome, it just sounds way funnier the way he laughs, and if your able to do it when they do something really dumb, you can really put someone on tilt lol

Chun-Li’s #10 (quick stretch)


Sagat 5

Working your way in only to get thrown back across the screen, and then have Sagat bust out that taunt is just sick.

balrog’s taunt 9 in japnese sounds like he burps lol

I play Balrog mostly. A lot of times, I see lots of Ken’s and Ryu’s standing there buffering down forward, down forward, as if i’m going purposely jump into a ultra. And then I just jump back to full screen and buffer the same motion over and over. Thats my favorite way to taunt.


I’m not so fond of taunts but I’m used to select n6 with Dictator, it’s the only one that seems to be a “real taunt”.

get serious


The one I found that really irritated my friend while my other half was playing against him, was Ryu going "Get serious!"
It annoys me aswell at times (and is probably the one I hate the most), but me and my friends tend to have taunt wars for giggles when playing casuals.

I’d be biased saying I love Vega’s laughing one because it’s the one I use and he’s my main so XD