Best Team Theme Songs for KoF

I’m going out on a limb here but what songs would you pick for the definitive theme songs for each team in KoF.

Art of Fighting Team
After a Long Absense -KoF XI-

Fatal Fury Team
176th Street -KoF '99-

Psycho Soldiers
Psycho Soldier ~Super Chinese Remix~ -KoF '02 UM-

Ikari Team
Desert Requiem -KoF '02 UM-

Women Fighters Team
Sha-La-La -KoF '99-

Hero Team
Esaka? -KoF '96-

Rival Team
Arashi no Saxophone -KoF '95-

Korea Team
The Way to Rebirth -KoF '99-

Benimaru Team
Joyrider -KoF '03-

K’ Team
Kdd-0075 -KoF XI-

Best Boss Theme
Trash Head (Goenitz) -KoF '96-

Any personal faves? Excited to see if we have any cool remixes for KoF XIII?

You have good ones but you missed Fatal Fury 95, Japan 94, Ikari 99, Orochi team 97, Rugal 02UM, Geese 96, AoF 95

imo kof has many good theme song, the list will be plenty and different according each person fav, that list that TS mention is good too.

KOF has so many good songs. I think my favortie though is:

“Fairy” KOF '96 - Chizuru Kagura Theme


Others might include:

Joker - Hero Team KOF XI
Queen- Rival Team KOF XI
Bloody- New Face Team KOF '98

Kof98 Orochi Yashiro: [media=youtube]N-VSA8SnM1g[/media]

Kof2k2UM Team Japan (Esaka): [media=youtube]Go9wp03vR7g[/media]

kof2k2UM Women’s team (Shining Brave): [media=youtube]2npBcFKAKho[/media]

kof2k2UM Iori theme (Tranquilizer): [media=youtube]KaiCFbjl01U[/media]

Kof98 Kyo theme: [media=youtube]uYxu2Fds13A[/media]