Best teams for Magneto?

I can’t really decide on what team I should use. There’s just too
many different teams that can play well together. Keep in mind that I haven’t been playing the game for a really long time (I started in January) and the competition down here is decent at best, so my thoughts and opinions might be off or dated or whatever. Here are I what I think are the best teams for Magneto.

Magneto/Psylocke teams:

Magneto/Storm/Psylocke - Psylocke is still the best setup assist for Magneto and Storm also benefits from her well. Plus, you can
sneak an occasional magnetic tempest XX hailstorm. This team can be played as a rushdown or a somewhat turtle team, especially agianst teams with characters who have slow recovery
times on their moves, such as Captain Commando. On the other hand, this team does not take damage well, and that is what is preventing me from using this team as my main team.

Magneto/Cable/Psylocke - For the most part, same as MSP but
instead we have Cable, which benefits immensely off Psylocke’s assist. Easy AHVBs and IMO is a great arcade team that can do well against almost any other team.

Magneto/Sentinel teams - Any of these teams holds their own
because they have speed, great combo ability, including DHCs, and can take damage better than Magneto/Psylocke teams. Assuming you have either Storm or Cable, I think any decent player can achieve a good amount of success with these teams. If Cable is used, he should be on anti-air assist, which helps alot against Sentinel in fly mode. I don’t really think any of Storm’s assist are great, but her projectile assist is a decent setup assist
for Magneto.

Also, I need some good advice on how to play against Sentinel with Magneto, because he’s basically the only character that gives
me any serious problems, and I’d also like to know what I should
do in mirror matches for these teams. Thanks!

Something I’ve been trying for the past couple of weeks, and it works well.

I don’t know about that team. I’ve tried using Magneto/Cable/Cammy last week and while I did very well with that team, Mag simply does not have a good setup, although I
was comboing off of Cammy’s dash assist and that served me well. As for Thanos, I have to see a good Thanos player play before I can judge him. On second thought, this might be a good team since Thanos’ assist captures, right? If so, this team could have good combo/reset ability.

Yeah you could just use him to capture then let magneto go, the only problem I’ve had is that if Magneto dies there’s not much of a team left.

I’ve been trying out Magneto-Cable-Psylocke for quite some time but I find that Psylocke is the Achilles Heel of the team. Most of the gamers at my local arcade always find a way to pick at Psylocke and kill her in mid-assists (snapping back my Mag or Cable when my Psy is out assisting, then doing an infinite amount of launchers on her… :bluu: ).

I’ve started to use Magneto-Storm-Sentinel and it works a whole lot better. If Mag goes, I’ve got Storm to pick up the slack. If Storm goes, Maggy or Sent rushes down like mad. Not to mention the DHC’s are incredible. :smiley: A Tempest into Hailstorm is always safe and an air combo into Lightning Storm canceled into a HSF is a good way to get Sentinel in and do his soft lock (SHF -> Rocket Punch -> C. FP -> SHF, etc.). The only problem I find with this team is that it eats up a whole lot of meter. :lol:

It’s all about Mag/Cable/Sent-A.

Only real problem is runaway. Oh well.

I don’t really like Mag/Cable-B/Sent-A because there’s not really a good setup for Mags. Sure, Cable’s anti-air works great with Mags, but Sent’s assist is only good for some combos, which are
hard to pull off consistently, at least at my skill level. Sent-Y doesn’t work much better with Mags either, though it’s good for triangle jumping cross-ups, but it does work well with Cable. As for Mags/Storm/Sent, it’s a great team, but alas, no anti-air.

Yeah, MSS doesn’t carry any anti-air which is pretty vital for most matches. Especially against another Storm. :bluu:

Not to be random or anything, but would Mag/Sent/Psy work well? I haven’t bothered to try it out yet, but it sounds solid.

The exclusive mags team I use is mag/sent/doom. There are plenty of easy mag/doom setups, including the unblockable tempest setup. Anything, such as, (pop up, sj.rh, ad/df,,, + doom assist, cancel, grav, tempest. The only problem with this team, is it loses to cyke aaa, and good unfly sents. But doom eats up capcom.

MSP was built for magneto… why do you think like 90% of the matches u see with MSP that it looses is because magneto dies to fast? storm/psylocke isn’t a good combination IMO. but MSP is still the shit:D

I think I’m going to start using Mags/Storm/Sentinel because even
without the anti-air, this team can own. Mags/Storm DHCs, infinites, runaway, very high damage combos (Magnetic Tempest XX Hail Storm XX Hyper Sentinel Force), and Sentinel has been doing well in fly mode even without the anti-air because Storm’s projectile assist always goes fullscreen and takes out most assists along the way.

you could give mag/sent/cyke a try. with this you just gotta be more responsive to cyke hitting so you can dash in and sj into combo possibilities. and cyke is the bomb!

I think team row is the only good magneto team that is not a M/S/ “insert hella good assist here” team.

Magnus, Sent (Ground), Iron Man (AA). In that order.

Mag/tron does some crazy damage O_o (I’ve been owned by this so much >_<)

Mag/spiral also is pretty cool (watch Soo play this :P)

I’ll just list some of the more commonly used teams that I’ve seen:
Magneto/IronMan/Sent (in that order:))
Magneto/Sent/Commando (I don’t like this team, but I have seen it on numerous occasions)
Magneto/Storm/Doom (I don’t understand this team)

Personally, I think the 2 best Magneto teams are MSP and team Row, followed by Mag/IM/Sent and Mag/Storm/Sent.

My secondary team is Mag/Cable/Capcom. Ugggggggggly. But it does pretty good.