Best Teams.


Just curious about everyone’s feelings on this.

In respective order:

  1. Storm, Sentinel, Commando
  2. Magneto, Sentinel, Commando
  3. Cable, Sentinel, Commando

Obviously sentinel can be played on point in any of these teams.

Gimme some feedback, thx.

–TeamMSP(for the moment)



best 3 teams…

  1. storm/sent/commando
  2. mag/cable/sent
  3. sent/strider/doom


um, doesn’t team scrub and MSP add up to the list?


scrub’s probably best at no.3 or 2. i put s/d up there, because that’s an incredible team if u can use them correctly.

MSP isn’t that great anymore. just about anything with sentinel on drones, or an anti air counters it. it has few good matchups… ROW and MSS are the most obvious two. but aside from them, MSP has too many weakness’s IMO


somethin like this

storm/sent/ cap cyc




i don’t know enough about strider to know his real ranking, the character is basically not played on ec…


Mine would be:


2.Team Clock

3.Team Scrub

Storm/Sent/Cap is easily #1 no explaination needed. Team clock I put #2 because It has just about no counters, probibly the most pressuring of the three, and I can see it’s potential since I use it. Team Scrub loses to most rushdown teams with Doom, but I put it up there because I’ve seen some really great team scrubs plus this team is so powerful in everything they do and beat the most popular teams today.


yay!! my 2 cents!

once you get to top level playing it does matter a lot on player skill over teams…but for the most part, the best teams are built around the following pairs…

sent/cap or cyke
mag/psy or cyke


Msp is still top 3 in the game


MSP gets zoned down way too often, but I’d say it’s still up there.

In no particular order:
Matrix - this can be debatable
Clock - just seeing this team play against MSP or something - and win - makes me want to roll all over the floor with joy

Row and Santhrax, in my opinion, are two of the more solid teams.


MST? As in Magz/Storm/Tron-Y?

Personally I also think this team should be somewhere in the top since Tron-Y is an awesome counter for commando, and the damage Magz/Tron can do is sick. Although IMO the team loses points because Tron’s assist is for the most part used mainly for combos.


I trully believe that those are the most “solid” teams currently, but not the best. I posted before that i have a hard time with commandos ass and i didnt know how to avoid and not worry about his assist, but then i realized somthing…
80-90% of people that use commando on their team is SO predictable. when i see commando out, i see opportunity (to abuse commando, or rush down whoever is out…then not to forget that commando will come out momentarily because commando wipes out just about every thing.) people use him in a pattern…and thats their downfall. also the reason why people lose to “commando” teams is because they’re either affraid of that assist, or they just totally forget (dont concentrate). not that im against commando or to get of subject…
i think the best teams are sentinal/iron man combinations…(the famous combo fiend) not only mags works well, but ofcoarse storm, cable, and any other quick footed/destructive character…possibilities are endless.:wink:


There are plenty of counter assist that can stop Commando. Doom, Cyclops, Tron, are all good against the Commando assist. They are better player characters too. The only thing Commando AAA has going for him is the vertical range.


Infinite vertical range and takes away 25 points of damage per hit, with high priority.:o


It’s not infinite vertical range, and it’s really easy to punish/move around. Shit is hard to use at high lvls man.

Btw, when you gonna come to a gainesville tourney, you live in the same state as us but we’ve never played…wtf


not even close to best team.

on paper…
team clockwork (strider / sent / doom) ranks number one by far.

in reality…
storm / sent / commando
storm / cable / commando
sent / cable / commando
magnus / cable / sent (proj.)

are top teams…

truthfully, there is no best team. everything has its own counter… except glitched megaman… rush owns all.



Agreed. :slight_smile:

MSP, Row, MSS, Santhrax, Scrub, they all have their weaknesses.


storm/sent/cyke or capcom
sent/cable/commando or cyke
MSSent-A or Y

other teams
storm/cable/cyke or capcom
mag/sent/commando or psy


I meant infinite as in the full height of the screen. Gainesville is too far for me to go right now. :frowning:


Best Teams

– EDITED: 04/30/04 11:35 –
Updated list (in my opinion while taking responses in consideration):

  1. Santhrax (Sent/Storm/Commando)
  2. Clockwork (Sent/Strider/Doom)
  3. Scrub (Sent/Cable/Commando)
  4. MSP (Mag/Storm/Psylocke)
  5. J.J. (IM/WM/Doctor Doom)
  6. New Rowtron (Sent-a/Storm/Mag)
  7. Old Rowtron (Sent-a/Cable/Mag)
  8. Combofiend (Sent-a/IM/Mag)
  9. Old Soo (Mag/Cable/Psylocke)

Thanks for the responses.



team matrix = omnipotence = last year…

storm - a
sentinel- y
cyclops - anti air