Best teleport move?

Teleports are always extravagent moves in fighting games because they’re usually a symbol of vastly superior skill. In the hands of a talented player, it can throw his opponent off balance every time. Since a few characters are blessed with such abilities, which one is your favourite among Capcom’s SF, DS or even VS. series (for a bit of variety)?

Evil Ryu
Hiyakeshita Sakura
Lord Raptor
Mega Man

PS. I don’t really know about teleports in SF3 games. Feel free to list any I’ve might have missed.

Demitri’s. No real input involved in it, and no recovery once he reappears.

I like how Megaman looks when he does it. Megaman roolz.
I also like how Akuma’s looks. Angry
Demitri’s is the most usable, though.

Raiden - MK2! LOL.

Duo Lon. :tdown:

Actually, wasnt Bison’s pretty good in SFA3?? His is definatly the coolest looking.

Slayer - GGXX

pyrons is good too.

Pyron’s has a lot of potential yes… but I find it has little priority and lots of things can hit him just before/after he does it.

Bakuryu - Bloody Roar

Dio’s is illy; hes on crack

i tell you true freind tell me when ryu do hurricane kick there is hurricane warning is it true???

Demitri’s isn’t nearly as good as Lei-Lei’s (hsien-ko). Lei-Lei’s is also a dash and has almost no start-up, the dash could be cancelled at any time by any thing (even when she as invisible), and once invisible she was completely invulnerable to everything (including throws). This let her do crap like dash through pokes into command throw, or dash through pokes into normal chain into super.

Only reason Lei-Lei was low tier was because everything else about her sucked.

But if you could give any character any teleport move you wanted, Pyron’s would be at the top of my list, followed Lei-Lei’s forward dash, then M.Bison’s(cape) from SFA3.

come on now, I wouldnt go that far :karate:

sim, the original sf teleporter=top tier