Best Tetris Player Ever?

A friend of mine showed me this:


If you wanna see fast skip to the 3:00 mark.


Hmmm videos would go in the video gallery… and this has already been posted

Jesus lives.

In the video thread.

God damn it. I called myself checking to see where this would go.

I’m a dumbass please ignore :sweat:

he was even playing invisi-tetris on hardcore. fucking amazing…


I didn’t know they played Tetris on Sanwa…

I think that’s the best way to play it. keyboard is good too and pad stinks. I’m having a stick built just for tetris.

Arika has more vids that they’ve released. Arika’s Tetris the Grand Master is the most hardcore version tetris and it’s Japan only arcade release but if you’re clever you can play it through other means.

For more information about tetris and other vids consult

The link isn’t working. I think it’s just, no plural. Maybe they just re-did their site because I also got a page marked as “old” here.

Where can I find that version of tetris?

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Thanks guys.That tetris looks sick

Your reading skill -1. :rofl:

Thanks, whoever moved this.

That’s not even the fastest video on there

that is

What board does TGM3 run on?

EDIT: Nevermind, it runs on the TAITO Type X.

This might be old, but I don’t care.

This guy is just straight up ridiculous.

Whoa, what a coincedence. I was just watching Tetris videos a few minutes ago.
But yeah, I saw the same video. That shit is INSANE! The last part had me going “WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!” I mean, wow! You need to be able to memorize that shit like crazy.

Oh my…

Uhm… Wow.

That guy is nuts. Mental memorization and muscle memory were in full display in that video. I don’t even understand how that could be done.